10 Gears of War Movie Fan Casts

An adaptation of the classic Xbox game series armament of war has gone through various stages of development over the past decade. Now that the Halo is streaming on Paramount+, it seems like the time has come to strike while the iron is hot for some major, well-crafted video game adaptations.

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Different corners of the internet can be looked at as the movie launches as there is a lot of speculation about who might be playing whom. Some of them seem very likely while others probably aren’t so, but it’s still fun to imagine how it would all play out on the big screen.


Dominic SantiagoOscar Isaac

Dom in Gears of War and Oscar Isaac

When it comes to casting series-leading Marcus Fenix’s right-hand sidekick, hurky-pandora think it should be given to Moon Knight star Oscar Isaac.

Along with five other fan casts, the Redditor posted a photo of Isaac alongside a screenshot of Dominic “Dom” Santiago from Gears of War 3. Santiago is still the man alongside Fenix, which makes sense considering they’ve been friends since childhood. Although the character is a bit beefier than Isaac, there’s no doubt the actor could sell the emotional beats of the script. Plus, Santiago has the traits to make him one of Isaac’s most likable characters.

Anthony Carmine: Simon Pegg

The hapless Anthony Carmine was a rookie, thrown into battle alongside experienced fighters like Fenix ​​and Santiago. Anthony dies while playing with his helmet, but the series has always managed to find other members of the Carmine family to incorporate.

Simon Pegg could voice/portray all those included, with Anthony in armor being his role in the first film before portraying Benjamin in the second and survivor Clayton in the third. If all goes well, they could become three of Pegg’s highest-grossing films.

Anya Stroud: Katheryn Winnick

Anya in Gears of War and Katheryn Winnick in Vikings

COG Officer Anya Stroud enters the service to follow in her mother’s footsteps. The former ultimately witnesses the latter’s death on the battlefield, and it’s just a subplot that would make Stroud one of the film’s best arcs. She also reportedly has a romantic dynamic with Fenix ​​and seeing two people who love each other fight with machine guns attached to chainsaws seems appealing.

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Those to WhichCulture suggested vikings star Katheryn Winnick for the role. The site highlights Winnick’s ability to convey the character’s supreme intellect and formidable ability on the battlefield.

Minh Young Kim: Jason Scott Lee

Minh young kim in Gears of War and Jason Scott Lee in Mulan

Former Delta Squad commander Minh Young Kim is said to have a major role in the first armament of war film, and his arc would result in one of the film’s greatest moments. In the game, Kim gets impaled from behind by the main villain, General RAAM, and Fenix ​​is ​​put in the position where he must avenge the death of his former commander.

The jungle Book (1994) and Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story Star Jason Scott Lee recently had a big role in Disney’s live-action remake of Mulane. Now that he’s back in Hollywood’s eyes, he’d be a great choice to lead the Delta Squad.

Damon Baird: John Cena

John Cena looks like Damon Baird. Additionally, he can exhibit Baird’s authoritative sense of humor, as seen in projects like Blockers and particularly, Peacemaker.

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Yes armament of war ends up being a bigger-budget sci-fi version of The ExpendablesCena would need to be a lock, just as it was inevitable that he would end up playing in a fast furious continued. His interactions with Isaac’s Santiago and Fenix ​​would prove to be a very interesting dynamic with lively dialogue and plenty of mid-war interpersonal conflict.

Augustus ColeTerry Crews

Cole Train and Terry Crews from Gears of War

Augustus Cole is arguably the easiest character to embody armament of war. Playing Cole wouldn’t be Terry Crews’ first turn with a major video game property, as his likeness and voice work were used for one of the optional protagonists of Repression 3.

Editor Hurky-Pandora was one of many people on the internet to recommend Crews for the role, and it certainly seems like a wish that could come true. Cole is one of the most likable characters in the whole series, if not the the friendliest, so Crews is a natural fit. However, if Terry Crews is unavailable, the team can call Cole’s video game portrayer, Lester Speight.

Adam FenixBrian Cox

Adam Fenix ​​and Brian Cox side by side

Professor Adam Fenix ​​would be one of the smartest characters in the film, and Succession‘s Brian Cox can’t play anything if he’s not smart.

Cox has also starred in enough big-budget action movies to be more than comfortable in the role. Adam is the father of protagonist Marcus Fenix, so that would be a juicy part and one of Cox’s best roles, especially since he’s at one point tasked with essentially stopping the end of the world. Some of the best little moments in the movie would feature Cox’s character, so it’s best to have an acting titan on board.

Colonel Victor Hoffman: Stephen Lang

Colonel Hoffman in Gears and Stephen Lang in Don't Breathe

Colonel Victor Hoffman would serve as the senior COG officer in the armament of war movie like he did in the games. That’s part of his appeal, as he’s a man who prefers to be on the battlefield with his men, even though he constantly clashes with Fenix.

The website SciFied advised Avatar and don’t breathe‘s Stephen Lang for the role, citing the actor’s performance in the former film as fitting proof of his ability.

Queen Myrrah: Tilda Swinton

Queen Myrrah in Gears and Tilda Swinton

The ethereal Tilda Swinton knows how to make her character look like the tallest person in the room, even if that room is filled with names like Cena and Crews.

Queen Myrrah created the Locust Horde and serves as Gears of War 3is the main antagonist. Swinton could make appearances in a first film before fleshing out in later episodes. She would at least have a scene with Adam Fenix ​​and seeing Swinton share the screen with Cox would be a lot of fun and might even lead gears being one of Swinton’s best films.

Marcus Fenix: Joe Manganiello

Joe Manganiello and Marcus Phoenix

Once again, WhichCulture suggested Zack Snyder’s Justice League star Joe Manganiello for the lead role of young Fenix, an experienced war hero and born leader.

The site then defended their choice based on Manganiello’s war-torn and imposing appearance as well as Fenix’s intermittently displayed compassion. Fenix ​​was there on Emergence Day when the Apocalyptic War began and fought with Lancer in hand for a decade. He is incarcerated for what is supposed to be 40 years, all for going to save his father. But then the COG army needs Fenix ​​and Santiago, so they are freed and so the movie begins. Fenix ​​has one of the best arcs in the series, so there would be plenty of meat for Manganiello to chew on in the game.

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