3 questions to be answered in the latest episodes of “Forecast Love and the Weather”

There are only four episodes of “Forecasting Love and Weather” left!

JTBC’s Forecasting Love and Weather is a romantic drama about the work and love lives of people who work at the Korea Meteorological Administration, Korea’s national weather forecasting service.

Min Young Park stars as the frosty Jin Ha Kyung, who does everything right and strives to separate her personal and professional life, while Song Kang stars as the free-spirited and determined Lee Si Woo, who boasts an impressive IQ of 150 but only cares about the weather.

With the end of the drama fast approaching, here are three questions that will soon be answered!

What happens next to Han Ki Joon following Chae Yoo Jin’s misunderstanding?

After the couple in love Han Ki Joon (Yoon Bak) and Chae Yoo Jin (Girl’s Day’s Yura) to get married, she grows increasingly disappointed that her husband is so different from the man she dated, so Chae Yoo Jin ends up leaving their house.

However, Han Ki Joon is given a second chance when Lee Si Woo and Chae Yoo Jin have an accident on Jeju Island. Since it took him so long to find out where Chae Yoo Jin was, Han Ki Joon ignores the approaching hurricane and boards a plane to see her. He even uses his vacation days for the very first time, but the scenario doesn’t go as he planned. As Han Ki Joon tries to restrain Lee Si Woo in anger, he suddenly comments, “I followed you here to do this,” which isn’t true. Chae Yoo Jin, who might have forgiven her before, then coldly replies, “Oh, so you didn’t come to see me.”

Stay tuned to see Han Ki Joon’s next steps in reconciling with Chae Yoo Jin.

“Please divorce carefully.” – What will happen to Um Dong Han?

Wanting to live with his family, Um Dong Han (Lee Sung Wook) moved to Seoul and accepted without hesitation that his junior Jin Ha Kyung be his immediate superior. However, the 14 years spent away from his family are not easily forgotten.

Um Dong Han tries his best to be a good husband and father, but his attempts to constantly approach his daughter Um Bo Mi (Lee Seung Joo) are damaging their relationship. Completely forgetting that her daughter is allergic to processed meat, Um Dong Han gives her ham with her rice, which forces her to go to the emergency room.

His wife Lee Hyang Rae (Jang So Yeon) is full of rage when she hands him the divorce papers. Even though Um Dong Han insists that he try harder, she firmly replies, “Please divorce carefully.” What will happen to Um Dong Han’s relationship with her family?

Will Shin Seok Ho and Jin Tae Kyung be the drama’s new couple?

Despite all the clouds surrounding the relationship between Jin Ha Kyung and Lee Si Woo, Han Ki Joon and Chae Yoo Jin, and Um Dong Han’s family, there’s still a couple enjoying their moon phase. of luminous and sunny honey. They are none other than local forecaster Shin Seok Ho (Moon Tae Yoo) and Ha Kyung’s sister, Jin Tae Kyung (Jung Woon Sun).

After reading Jin Tae Kyung’s “City Alligator” children’s book for the first time, Shin Seok Ho hurts her feelings by making fun of her and saying that she didn’t even do research on alligators before. to describe. However, Jin Tae Kyung accidentally finds a copy of his book at Shin Seok Ho’s house, which makes his heart race.

The couple’s relationship only gets better from there, as Shin Seok Ho proclaims himself Jin Tae Kyung’s manager who oversees all of his writing deals. Without realizing it, Jin Tae Kyung also randomly confesses to her, “I got divorced once,” causing her to freeze in place. Despite the shock, Shin Seok Ho comforts her and tells her that everything is fine, potentially signaling the start of a cute new couple.

The next episode of “Forecasting Love and Weather” will air on March 26 at 10:30 p.m. KST!

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