6,000 people approved as volunteers in Abu Dhabi

The department provides three types of licenses, including those for individuals, for groups of five or more people, and for organizations that use volunteers in their operations and programs.

Mubarak Al Ameri

“By issuing 6,000 volunteering licenses, the DCD has contributed to promoting the concept of social responsibility and creating an integrated and sustainable system of volunteering, which is important for ensuring social cohesion in Abu Dhabi. The Voluntary Work Regulation Policy in Abu Dhabi aims to create an effective and efficient volunteering environment by promoting awareness and encouraging participation from all segments of society. It also helps to ensure professional standards and volunteer safety, in addition to providing volunteers with the ability to register as individuals or teams without having to be affiliated with any entity or institution,” said Mubarak Al Ameri, executive director of DCD’s Licensing and Control. Sector.

According to Al Ameri, regulation of the voluntary sector helps safeguard the rights and defines the duties of volunteers. He also pointed out that DCD cooperates with the Emirates Foundation to encourage volunteerism and enables volunteers to obtain and promote opportunities through the official platform.

According to the policy launched by the department in 2020, the Social Contribution Authority – Ma’an, which is part of the DCD – the Emirates Foundation has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to create an environment that encourages voluntary work in Abu Dhabi. Al Ameri said the MoU marks the start of a strategy to consolidate the sector and create an effective and efficient volunteering environment that supports social development efforts and strengthens the economy.

Obtaining a license is a prerequisite for voluntary work in the emirate.

DCD invites people wishing to become volunteers and obtain a license to apply via the ‘Volunteers.ae’ platform, in particular by completing the form and attaching the required documents. The data will be reviewed and a decision will be made to accept or reject if the conditions are not met. The issued licenses are sent to the applicant by e-mail.

There are nine categories of volunteering in Abu Dhabi: Traditional Volunteering, Social Volunteering, Emergency Volunteering, Event Volunteering, Virtual Volunteering, Visitor Volunteering, Institutional Volunteering, specialized volunteering and volunteering abroad.

Additional conditions state that a volunteer must be at least 18 years old and anyone under that age can volunteer with the written consent of their guardian. A licensed volunteer is permitted to volunteer within the geographical boundaries of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

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