A man allegedly dumped his wife for dancing to a ‘provocative’ song at their wedding

A man in Baghdad, Iraq, allegedly dumped his wife on their wedding day because she danced to a “provocative” song at their reception.

The song in question was that of Lamis Kan Mesaytara, which when translated would mean “I am dominant” or “I will control you”, Gulf News reported.

According to Indy100, some of the song’s lyrics are as follows:

“I’m dominant; you’ll be ruled by my strict instructions/I’ll ​​drive you crazy if you look at other girls on the street…As long as you’re with me, you’ll walk under my command/I” I’m arrogant, I am arrogant.”

However, the lyrics weren’t the only part of the song that bothered the groom. India Times claimed the groom and his family also took issue with the “rhythm” of the song. So when they saw the bride dancing on Mesaytara, they approached her and an argument ensued, which ultimately ended in the dissolution of the newlyweds’ marriage.

The Economist reported in 2016 that between 2004 and 2014, “there was one divorce for every five Iraqi marriages”.

“It’s not much by Western standards, but many Iraqis call it a crisis,” the newspaper continued. At the time, experts cited poverty as a major factor in the country’s divorce rate.

“A lot of divorcees these days are about men abandoning their wives because they are not financially able to bear the burden of caring for a family,” said Bassam al Darraji, a sociologist based in Baghdad, via The Economist.

Speaking to the newspaper, a judge named Saad al-Ibrahimi added, “The judiciary is working hard to prevent the occurrence of divorce cases due to its negative effects on society.”

As it turns out, Mesaytara caused the divorce of another couple last year.

Like the couple in Baghdad, Gulf News said a Jordanian broke up with his wife at their wedding reception after she performed the song.

In other weird divorce news, Newsweek previously reported that a bride in Mahoba, India left her fiancé at the altar because he didn’t know basic math.

Tribune India said the groom reached the wedding hall when his bride asked him to recite the multiples of two. He ultimately failed, so his wife left.

“The groom’s family had kept us in the dark about his upbringing. Maybe he didn’t even go to school,” a cousin of the bride told Tribune India. “The groom’s family had cheated on us. But my brave sister walked out without fear of a social taboo.”

A man in Baghdad, Iraq, allegedly dumped his wife on their wedding day because she danced to a ‘provocative’ song at their reception. In addition to disapproving of the lyrics, the groom and his family objected to the song’s pacing.

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