All Rise Season 3 Episode 7 review: Through the Fire

Have you ever heard the expression “walking through fire?”

On All Rise Season 3 Episode 7, he explored this literally and figuratively. ever since Luke helped a suspected arson client, and everyone has been supportive of Sara after she was attacked in court.

We didn’t see much of Sara in All Rise Season 3, and Lindsey Mendez shone when she collapsed after her attack.

Since Sara became the victims’ attorney, she has been involved in more prosecution cases. However, we never saw how it affected her until she was accidentally punched by a victim’s husband.

Mark and everyone else sympathized with the husband since his wife’s killer was making fun of everyone, but Mark still checked to see if Sara wanted to press charges.

Support Sara - All Rise Season 3 Episode 7

Sara has always been rock to everyone, especially Emily, so it was disconcerting to see Sara having a panic attack after her assault in the courtroom. Sara seemed overwhelmed because she didn’t want to press charges, but witnessing the crime photos bothered her.

Can’t victims’ rights advocates offer advice for themselves after constantly helping others? Sara has counseled many victims and recommended help for Emily, but she cannot afford it herself.

It seemed like Sara never realized how much abuse these victims had suffered, but now she had a front row seat.

When I was a court reporter, I recorded the violence, but I could leave it on the page. Now I am side by side with these victims.


I appreciated how everyone rallied around Sara to offer their support, including Emily, Mark and Teddy. Although Teddy didn’t know Sara well, they bonded when he explained why he showed up to work every day.

Comforting Sara - All Rise Season 3 Episode 7

After Sara’s ordeal, part of her wanted to quit, but she always dreamed of helping people. She needed to escape, so she took time off without telling Mark.

I appreciate how Sara and Mark have become best friends. He totally supported her and wanted her to confide in him.

Mark believed she could handle it as long as she wanted to be there.

Hopefully this isn’t the end of Sara’s arc, and we’ll see her heal and get some help. Getting attacked at work is a big deal.

Finding the Evidence - All Rise Season 3 Episode 7

Luke took on another difficult client. Cyrus was charged with arson but swore he was only covered in euphoria because he tried to help people.

All Rise Season 3 has often focused on the suspects more than the victims, so you’ll understand their stories. We certainly did with Cyrus, as we learned that he was both a suspect and a victim.

When he was in prison before, Cyrus worked as a volunteer wildfire firefighter.

It’s come back to bite him since the prosecutor said Cyrus knew about the fires.

Chef to the Rescue - All Rise Season 3 Episode 7

It only took one person to turn the case around. Cyrus was lucky that his former boss remembered that he was a valuable worker and didn’t think he could commit this crime.

For many of these young men, volunteer programs are just a way to shorten their sentence. For Cyrus it was different. He loved being a firefighter. He was pretty damn good too, so I find it hard to believe he was behind this.

Chief Milton

Luke never backed down from a challenge, so he was determined to prove his client innocent.

Hazy CA fires are horrible conditions, so at first he proved that Cyrus had accidentally picked up a torch, thinking it was a fire extinguisher. His client wanted to help him.

Luke and the Chief became suspects when the same investigator was on all 22 cases, but going after the firefighters was dangerous.

Judge Marshall - All Rise Season 3 Episode 7

It was the first case we saw Judge Marshall preside. He was a much fairer judge than I expected.

While it looked like he might favor the prosecution, when Luke presented evidence that the fire investigator was there and called 911 before the fires started, Judge Marshall considered the case and dismissed the case.

Cyrus might actually have a real shot. Luke working with Cyrus’ former fire chief reminded me of Emily’s Holistic Law from Luke, and Chief Milton worked together to get Cyrus a job and a place to live.

Hopefully Luke and the DA can band together to bring down the investigator. I love that Luke is getting the respect he deserves as a lawyer and winning more cases.

At the Game - All Rise Season 3 Episode 7

We’re several episodes into All Rise Season 3, and Amy and Mark haven’t started planning their wedding yet.

I’m getting as impatient as Mark. Let’s get into a little romance and wedding planning and move on to Amy who has to finalize her divorce.

Mark: It’s too bad you didn’t take him to a basketball game and hand him his divorce papers.
Amy: Mark, don’t do this, not tonight.
Mark: No one is more tired of this conversation than me. I tried to be empathetic, but he’s taking advantage of this situation.

Their conversations have become repetitive and aren’t as fun to watch anymore.

Watching them joke around at the basketball game was different, but the conversation was always the same.

Mark: It’s too bad you didn’t take him to a basketball game and hand him his divorce papers.
Amy: Mark, don’t do this, not tonight.
Mark: No one is more tired of this conversation than me. I tried to be empathetic, but he’s taking advantage of this situation.

Tired of the Sideshow - All Rise Season 3 Episode 7

André inserted himself into Lola’s life by acting as a lawyer for the teenager accused of a DUI. He angered several people, including Lola, by turning his courtroom into a circus.

Andre: If Mr. Biswas agrees to reduce this to mischief with the required minimums, we can end this thing right away, and I’ll still have time to catch my flight.
Teddy: Absolutely not! I offered Mr. Dunham a reasonable price, one less to put someone in the hospital.

The more André arrived, the more people became suspicious of his relationship with Lola.

He could press his buttons like no one else, yet she still wanted to see him.

That steamy elevator cliffhanger scene. There’s nothing scarier than an almost elevator kiss. Andre still has feelings for Lola and doesn’t care who gets in his way.

Stuck in an Elevator - All Rise Season 3 Episode 7

To all of you, All Risers. Did you enjoy Lola and André’s elevator moment?

Will Sara be able to recover from her attack? Will Amy ever get her divorce? Quote below in the comments.

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