Angelina Jolie sues to find out why the FBI never arrested Brad Pitt

Six years after a reported altercation on a private plane that prompted Angelina Jolie to file for divorce from Brad Pitt, Jolie has filed a lawsuit seeking information on why the FBI never arrested Pitt.

In a lawsuit filed in April under the Freedom of Information Act, Jolie, 47, demanded information about the FBI’s investigation into the altercation and why Pitt, 58, was never charged with assault, according to The envelopeciting a story first reported by Puck News.

Jolie, identified only as ‘Jane Doe’ in the lawsuit, alleged that her estranged husband, who had been drinking, ‘physically and verbally abused’ her and their six children during the plane trip from Europe, according to The Wrap.

Jolie also alleged that Pitt also grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her, accused her of “f—– this family” and poured beer on her, The Wrap reported.

If Jolie wants documents explaining why authorities cleared Pitt of the charges, sources close to Pitt told TMZ that they want to know why Jolie is looking for this information now, six years later.

They told TMZ the actor-director had long been in possession of this information, leading them to believe she only filed the FOIA lawsuit in April to get the media back on the domestic abuse allegations. against Pitt.

Documents from the FBI investigation, obtained by TMZ, indicate that federal agents met with representatives of the U.S. Attorney’s Office following their investigation. “It was agreed by all parties that the criminal charges in this matter would not be pursued due to several factors,” the documents state.

Puck News said the complaint was filed anonymously in April, but confirmed the complainant was Jolie. TMZ also confirmed that Jolie was the complainant.

Domestic violence allegations stemming from the September 2016 altercation have long been cited as the reason Jolie filed for divorce. For years, it was reported that the confrontation also involved Pitt and the couple’s eldest son, Maddox, then 15.

The altercation became a centerpiece in the couple’s bitter custody fight over their six children and has been cited as the reason why Maddox, now 21, has since separated from his father. In addition to Maddox, Jolie and Pitt also share son Pax, 18, daughters Zahara, 17, and Shiloh, 16, and twins Vivienne and Knox, 14.

Pitt has made it clear in interviews how he sought help with his drinking and anger management issues. He has always denied being physically abusive to his children, while FBI and child protection officials have cleared Pitt of any wrongdoing during his confrontation with Maddox.

It was also reported in 2018 and 2019 that the actor was happy to have visitation with his children supervised by a court-appointed monitor. Family law experts said Pitt’s consent to supervised visitation allowed him to show he was making an effort to be a good father and practice “proper parenting”. In June 2019, it was also reported that Pitt and Jolie were working on an “amicable” co-parenting relationship.

At one point, this supposed reconciliation fell apart and Jolie reportedly objected to Pitt having 50-50 custody. In a September 2021 interview with The Guardian, the UN humanitarian alleged that she and her children suffered lasting trauma at the hands of Pitt during her decade-long relationship and two-year marriage to him.

While Jolie said she couldn’t be specific about the trauma due to the legal issues, she told The Guardian that she had come to fear for her children’s safety. She said, “Yes, for my family. My complete family.”

Jolie also said Maddox and at least two of the other children were willing to testify in court about what the children had experienced as a parent to Pitt and during their parents’ marriage.

The custody battle reached higher courts last year, including the California Supreme Court in the summer of 2021. Pitt sought a Supreme Court reconsideration after an appeals court ruled that John Ouderkirk , the private judge who had handled the couple’s divorce and custody settlement, should be disqualified due to perceived bias in favor of Pitt.

That appeals court’s decision effectively overturned Ouderkirk’s previous decision that awarded Pitt 50-50 custody with the children, who were still minors. Ouderkirk had also clashed with Jolie over not letting children testify or admit evidence of domestic abuse.

The California Supreme Court denied Pitt’s petition in October 2021. Several months ago, Us Weekly reported that Pitt was considering a grim possibility that would never really have anything to do with his six children. Pitt had “lamented to his friends” that his ex-wife would never agree to joint custody and basically wanted to “miss the time until the kids were 18,” a source told Us Weekly.

More upsetting, the ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ star feels like Jolie hopes the kids “won’t want anything to do with” him once they come of age, the source said.

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