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A mom has revealed how she paid her ex a £ 5,800 divorce settlement in coins.

Brandi Lee, from the United States, ended up filing for divorce after her husband allegedly cheated on her with a family friend.


The mother paid the divorce costs in coinsCredit: Brandi Lee / Facebokk

But when the divorce court ordered her to pay her nearly £ 6,000 in fees, she was furious and decided to pay the lot in coins.

Speaking to Facebook, she explained how she sent him 10 packets of dimes (similar to 10p coins) as payment, in boxes weighing 350 pounds each.

“So a man I was married to, bless his heart, decided to do me the greatest favor of my life and slept with his FRIEND’s wife,” she wrote.

“The woman who attended my WEDDING and watched me hold my hand and look in the eyes of the man I loved and promise him my eternity knowing full well that they were sleeping together!

    Brandi also bought a "Divorced AF" T-shirt


Brandi also bought a “Divorced AF” t-shirtCredit: Brandi Lee / Facebokk
    She sent 10 boxes of coins weighing 350 pounds each


She sent 10 boxes of coins weighing 350 pounds eachCredit: Brandi Lee / Facebokk

“Well, I broke them and it got us in divorce court, and for some terrible reason I was ordered to pay him $ 7,500.

“It is what it is and now I have to pay for it. Court order. So I pay it!

“The court order, and I quote, says I have to pay her ‘the sum of $ 7,500.’ That’s all. She doesn’t say how.”

The mum-of-two went on to explain how she got to the bank to explain her plan, revealing that they were “more than happy” to help her.

“I went to our local bank, told them my story and you guessed it, these lovely little ladies from our bank were more than happy to not only help me but support me in my payment plan,” she explained.

    Mom says husband cheated on her with family friend


Mom says husband cheated on her with family friendCredit: Brandi Lee / Facebokk

And Brandi – who bought herself a “Divorced AF” t-shirt – was praised on Facebook, with several calling her “genius” while another wrote: “I would have loved to see her facial expression.”

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