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No regrets in life (Love came in three days, 愛情發生在三天後) is a Taiwanese romantic drama television series directed by Fung Kai and starring Annie Chen, Liu Guan Ting, Shih Ming-shuai, Summer Meng, JC Lin and Aggie Hsieh, alongside other actors . The series will have 13 episodes and will air new episodes every Saturday starting June 18, 2022. No regrets in life episode 5 has a duration of 70 minutes.

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-No Regrets in Life Episode 5 Recap Contains Spoilers-

No regrets in life Episode 5 begins at the hospital where Zhang Kai Xin is admitted. As he talks about the Chinese New Year when Ning You Zhou and Wang Yan almost abandoned him, the two reminisce about that year when they went to her house. The three wonderfully celebrated the holiday season, which made Wang Yan happy about the season after a long time. He is able to recover from his bad memories of this festival and celebrate it with his family. These memories made him feel like home, and he even thanked Ning Yu Zhou for bringing him to her home for the New Year.

Photos from episode 5 of No Regrets in Life

Back at the hospital, the two find themselves alone with Zhang Kai Xin when Wang Yan reminisces about the Chinese New Year as they exchange playful memories of their youth when they pretended to see a shooting star and made a wish. Suddenly, Zhang Kai Xin’s situation seems to get worse as doctors rush to save him. Things don’t look optimistic, and as they leave, Ning Yu Zhou collapses in front of Wang Yan.

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Seeing her like this, he tells her about the time he was crying outside his house during Chinese New Year when his father found him. He sat with him all the time, which made Wang Yan feel better and less afraid of the festival. This helps calm her down, after which he hails a taxi for her and reminisces about New Year’s morning when his parents entrusted him with various things. Ning Yu Zhou also remembers and smiles at the memory.

No regrets in life episode 5
Photos from episode 5 of No Regrets in Life

The next day at the hospital, Zhang Kai Xin tells Hong Da Fang that she should date while she is still in her thirties, to which she replies that she is dating someone. As he finds it hard to believe, she reassures him but leaves in tears her ignorance towards his feelings. A woman named Zhou Yu Han came to visit him with Ning Yu Zhou, and she is someone he once loved. Zhang Kai Xin loved her since her high school days and chose her school and university just to follow her. However, looking at her now, there is nothing but displeasure on her face.

The memory of Zhang Kai Xin taking pictures of her and sending them to her doorstep emerges. The photos she kept safe and one day even asked him out on a date which he never came to. The next day, when she asks him about his absence and the rumors about a girlfriend, he remains silent. She even tells him that she is changing schools, but he says nothing and walks past her. Ning Yu Zhou, hearing this story, tells her about a written promise he had given to Wang Yan promising not to date any girl in their class.

No regrets in life episode 5
Photos from episode 5 of No Regrets in Life

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Ning Yu Zhou complains about how they missed each other because of such a stupid reason and asks if she regrets not trying hard enough. To this, Zhou Yu Han refutes that Ning Yu Zhou and Wang Yan are no different from them. Ning Yu Zhou tries to justify her situation and changes the subject by asking her how she found out about Zhang Kai Xin’s situation. She tells him that she discovered him in the same photo studio where she asked him to meet.

Elsewhere, Bi Jia Da makes mistakes while filming her scenes, earning her a scolding from the director. However, Zhang Tou Kou is also present there and tells him to relax during his scenes, after which she cheers him up by calling him a husky. At a hotel, Wang Yan is visited by his wife who tries to point out his messy lifestyle but he responds by saying that at least he could do whatever he wants in the hotel room. Before she can say more, she receives a call from her mother who is already at home.

No regrets in life episode 5
Photos from episode 5 of No Regrets in Life

End of episode 5 of No Regrets in Life

As she panics about explaining the situation to her mother, Wang Yan tells her to let her mother know the truth. Suddenly her stomach starts to ache and Wang Yan tends to her needs, only for her to realize later that Wang Yan had proposed to her because of her father. This leaves her in shock and the two return home. At home, her mother shows them all the divorce papers she found in the house, telling them that one agreement is enough if they really want a divorce.

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No regrets in life episode 5
Photos from episode 5 of No Regrets in Life

A rewind takes us back to the afternoon of the second day of those days after the concert, when Ning Yu Zhou considers texting Wang Yan. However, she is unable to do so and instead spots Zhou Yu Han who had to leave the country for his studies. Zhou Yu Han then asks her about her graduation ceremony to which she replies that she still decides to attend. Later, the two spot the words “I love you” written on the wall and as she questions Ning Yu Zhou if she wrote it, her response is that she never would. According to Ning Yu Zhou, these words should be spoken out loud.

No Regrets in Life Episode 5 Review

No regrets in life Episode 5 is another episode that shows the characters’ past regrets as well as failed love. This episode kind of made me realize why Zhang Kai Xin did what he did to the two leads, but it also shows that he takes his words to his friends seriously. However, the reason why he can’t get together is still silly (just like Ning Yu Zhou and Wang Yan) and I’m sure Wang Yan would feel guilty knowing this story.

I also feel a little bad for Liang Xin Zhen, who just found out that his whole marriage happened only because Wang Yan is like a saint who proposed to him because of his father. Sometimes Wang Yan’s holy character doesn’t make much sense to me and just seems a bit silly. His decisions only cause more harm to the people around him, but people will always sympathize with him.

Ning Yu Zhou, I have mixed feelings for her, on the one hand she teaches Zhou Yu Han to leave Zhang Kai Xin behind for some silly reason while giving justification for her situation which is almost the same. I really hope his character evolves in a better direction in future episodes.

What do you think of the many regrets of this show? Let us know in the comments below!

No regrets in life is available to watch on netflix.

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