Anupamaa February 17, 2021 Written episode

In the last episode of Anupamaa, we will see that Anupama signs the divorce paper and asks Vanraj to sign it. Vanraj takes the pen and hesitates as he signs the papers. The Advisor then suggests that they think about your decision again for 6 months. Anupama says my decision is final and hopes Vanraj will also be the same to maintain the decision further. Anupama greets the advisor and leaves the office. She also thanks Vanraj and leaves but Vanraj stops her. Vanraj says a friend of his got divorced last year. Vanraj says he thought it was a chance decision, but now he realizes it’s not.

Vanraj says our years of dating will simply end with a signing. He then apologized for all the things again and asked for forgiveness. Anupama replies that she seeks salvation from him and that she will forgive him for sure. He asks if she forgives him, Vanraj then saying that Bapuji was right he couldn’t be happy in his life after everything he has done. After a moving conversation, Anupama suggests that she live with Kavya happily.

Anupama goes away and smiles, Vanraj sits there on a bench and remembers everything. Anupama also remembers their happy times as well as Vanraj’s betrayal. They both look at the divorce notice and tears fall from their eyes. Vanraj returns to Kavya’s house and Kavya asks what happened there. Vanraj informed her that the divorce would be finalized soon. Vanraj then files for divorce from Kavya, Kavya replies that if he is not happy to divorce Anupama. Kavya says that everything will be fine and that they are going to throw a lavish party on her birthday.

Anupama comes home and the whole family waits for him and asks why you didn’t get the call. Anupama informs everyone that the divorce will be finalized within 6 months. The next day, Baa mocks Anupama and tells him that his son’s birthday will only be celebrated here if it likes it or not. Later, she notices that Anupama is cooking Vanraj’s favorite food for her birthday.

Kavya tries to take Vanraj to the resort to celebrate his birthday. But Vanraj says it’s a family affair. Kinjal overhears Kavya’s conversation to send Pakhi to Anupama for 2 days. Baa and Vanraj have moving words during the call. Anupama worries about Pakhi’s sad voice. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for a more written episode update on the next episode of Anupama.

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