Author’s Tranquility Press publishes Is Everyone at the Table by Ernest G Tannis

Book publishing and advertising agency, Author’s Tranquility Press, announces the release of “Is Everyone at the Table?” a new book on mediation by communication expert, Ernest Tannis

Ernest G. Tannis seeks to share his wealth of knowledge and experience in interpersonal and international situations with the world as he publishes a new book titled Is everyone at the table? The book, a compilation of true stories about conflict resolution, is published by Author’s Tranquility Pressa leading publishing house known for working with talented writers across all genres to help them reach their target audience.

Dispute resolution remains an art that everyone should learn and master. Over the years, communication experts and mediation professionals have developed a plethora of resources to guide people in managing disputes and disagreements. Unfortunately, the majority of these resources do not provide the desired results due to their seemingly abstract content. However, Ernest seeks to change this narrative by teaching the art of problem solving and dispute resolution using real life situations in Is everyone at the table?

The book can be described as a guide to conflict resolution, offering a collection of 18 interesting stories based on real-life interventions, the author using them to illustrate the importance of values, perseverance, trust, humor and other principles and how they can be used to manage daily disagreements and conflicts. Ernest demonstrates the principles of mediation, with a unique combination of real-life lessons and personal anecdotes to tell Is everyone at the table? a must-have for anyone who wants to understand the different communication options for problem solving and decision making.

Ernie Tannis wrote the seminal book in Canada in 1989 on ‘Alternative Dispute Resolution that Works!’, when he became a professional member of the Canadian Authors Association, whose book was republished in 2010, with new editions and information, as well as the publication and launch of the book “Is Everyone at the Table: 18 Life Lessons for Problem Solving?”, each chapter can be read in less than 15 minutes and features an original quote and graphics. He suspended his lucrative law practice in 1985 (and returned in 1992) to learn about other problem-solving options, then became involved as a conflict resolution consultant and executive director of the Institute. Canadian Conflict Resolution Center which he co-founded in 1988 and which led him to numerous individual, institutional and international interventions, akin to the microscope, binoculars and telescope vision of problem solving, eventually learning that ” Every problem has a solution and every solution has a new problem!” Ernie ceased his practice of law on January 1, 2022, after 46 years, having learned from the best mentors and minds in the world and facing the wisdom of indigenous communities, which included 4 chapters of the book ‘Table’.

The paper version of Is everyone at the table? is currently available on Amazon for people interested in handling litigation cases and how to resolve such situations before they turn violent or even after they turn violent.

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