Big Mouth Episode 8 Recap and Review: Dashing, Bold, and Dangerous

Big mouth (빅마우스) is a Korean crime thriller television series directed by Oh Choong-hwan and starring Lee Jong-suk, Im Yoon-ah, Kim Joo-hun, Kwak Dong-yeon and Yang Kyung-won, alongside other actors. members. The series picks up MBC’s Friday-Saturday 10 p.m. KST time slot, which was previously occupied by Doctor Lawyer.

Big mouth episode 8 has a duration of 73 minutes.

Disney+ describes the series as follows:

A LAWYER, Caught in a Murder Case, Becomes a Notorious and Brilliant Artist Overnight, in order to FIGHT AGAINST a HUGE CONSPIRACY and SURVIVE.

— Big Mouth Episode 8 Recap Contains Spoilers —
TW: Self-harm, Violence –

Big mouth episode 8 begins with Chang-ho dreaming of himself as Big Mouse and fighting with himself until he wakes up gagged and bound in the mind center. He desperately tries to free himself but fails, then Mi-young gives him a dose of something. They torture him for hours to break his resolve and inject him with something more to tell them the truth.

Shortly after, Ji-hoon comes to torture Chang-ho some more with Joong-rak – they inject the serum and watch him scream in pain. However, as suddenly as he begins, he stops to stare at a mouse on him. He innocently climbs on his leg and then attacks him, after which the whole room is filled with mice all attacking him. As he hallucinates, Ji-hoon asks him what he did with the 100 billion won. Chang-ho answers honestly but Ji-hoon doesn’t believe him.

Still from Big Mouth Episode 8

Ji-hoon walks in to inject more “truth serum”, but (thankfully) Chang-ho passes out. In another dream, a young Chang-ho receives an ear from Gi-gwang at the police station for getting into a fight. Mi-ho also saves him that day, and the scene proves how much Mi-ho and Chang-ho love each other and also that Mi-ho is a total soldier. Either way, the memory makes him wonder if he’s dying, he immediately wakes up thanks to Ji-hoon throwing a bucket of water at him.

Before injecting Chang-ho with more serum, however, he tells them to dig near the A2 marker at Gudal Mountain. Ji-hoon promises to empty all the vials of truth serum he has in him if he returns empty-handed. Meanwhile, at the mental health center, Chang-ho tries to bribe the kidnapper but is unlucky. Back in Gudal, after the crew finds a gold bar, Ji-hoon goes completely insane trying to dig it all up. Meanwhile, we see the real Big Mouse keeping all of her money locked away elsewhere.

When Ji-hoon returns to meet Chang-ho, the latter realizes he told his captor the truth – does that mean Big Mouse is watching him? But, the most important thing right now is to save his life, and he starts asking Ji-hoon if he’s okay with the one gold bar – he has to keep Chang-ho happy so that he doesn’t die taking the gold bar. where his money is. It looks like his plan might just work out.

On the other hand, Jae-ho goes out on bail while Do-ha proposes to Joo-hee to have a baby together. However, the good news only lasts when he receives some emergency news about Hye-jin. Mi-ho immediately receives a call from him and rushes to meet the mayor – they have his location. Unfortunately, while he’s able to stop her from throwing the necklace away, it doesn’t contain Jae-young’s research papers.

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Still from Big Mouth Episode 8
Still from Big Mouth Episode 8

When Mi-ho arrives, Hye-jin becomes even more agitated than before and threatens to harm them with a knife. Mi-ho is able to calm her down and get her to talk after a while and Do-ha rushes in after hearing that the Elder has collapsed. Meanwhile, Mi-ho promises to help Hye-jin out of her abusive situation, if only she can fight back. Hye-jin, however, tells her that there is no way she can help her in the given situation.

Meanwhile, Joo-hee creates the perfect situation for Do-ha to embellish the Ancient. However, when he enters the room, he reaches out to choke her but stops her – it’s clear there’s bad blood out there and Do-ha is probably in this situation for revenge. He plans to kill him but doesn’t go through with it in the end.

Meanwhile, Big Mouse starts a fire at the mental health center and finally helps Chang-ho out. But, of course, not before fighting with the guard in the flowing water, thanks to the sprinklers. But, surprise, surprise, it was Jerry who came to save Chang-ho. After the two fight with the guard, they gain the upper hand and flee in Jerry’s car. A brief chase sequence later, Jerry tells Chang-ho to get away using another car while he lures the cars behind them.

Chang-ho is worried about him, but Jerry tells him that Big Mouse paid him to do this and that he is the reason Chang-ho has a stomach ache. He promises to meet him later and Jerry promises to tell him everything the next time they meet. And with that, both parties.

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Still from Big Mouth Episode 8
Still from Big Mouth Episode 8

Chang-ho finds a phone and some money in the car while Jerry, in an effort to get away from the security team and the police, rushes through a police barricade. When Chang-ho returns to find Mi-ho and figure out what’s going on, he sees Jerry’s corpse as he’s being put on a stretcher. Chang-ho looks angry and heartbroken – is this the boost he needed to take things to another level?

Anyway, Mi-ho tries to get Hye-jin to see the light and is shocked when she later sees on TV that Chang-ho has escaped. The news spreads like wildfire and different people take it differently – while the prisoners are inspired by his daring escape, there is only fear in the hearts of the Three Musketeers, especially Jae-ho. As security tightens everywhere, Chang-ho wonders how he will get through checkpoints unrecognized.

He gets an address via text and is pretty sure it’s the end of the line, but it’s Big Mouse, so he’s got it all figured out. Although they recognize it, they let it pass. Chang-ho goes straight to the W Hotel, where he receives a change of clothes waiting for him in a room. Chang-ho, however, is adamant about not letting Big Mouse use him like he used Jerry – he won’t die a pathetic death.

Meanwhile, Mi-ho lets Hye-jin out in hopes that she will call him. After he leaves, Gi-gwang and Soon-tae wonder how Chang-ho will contact them since their phones are off. Plus, it’s not like they can keep hiding from the police forever. Just then, Mi-ho comes up with a plan to avoid suspicion, but meets Chang-ho anyway.

The plan is ingenious – the three, along with the media, protest outside the prosecutor’s office to find out where Chang-ho was taken. That way the police can’t complain about non-compliance, and no one can really question his motives, but Chang-ho will know exactly where Mi-ho is. I have a feeling this is a plan only Mi-ho can concoct!

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Still from Big Mouth Episode 8
Still from Big Mouth Episode 8

Either way, Gi-gwang and Soon-tae destroy Joong-rak’s peace of mind by constantly asking the prosecutor to take action and help them find Chang-ho. It’s hilarious to see the corrupt prosecutor not having a moment of peace, even when he goes to the bathroom. He tells Ji-hoon that there’s no way Chang-ho can get there unseen – there are just too many people there.

Chang-ho, however, goes there and waits for Mi-ho to check the very smart insurance ad so she can call him. It’s a tearful encounter between the two as Chang-ho tells his wife not to worry too much since he’s here now. When Mi-ho informs him that Hye-jin has agreed to help them, he asks her to give him his number – he’ll take care of everything now.

Meanwhile, Hye-jin calls and tells Ji-hoon that she has Jae-young’s papers and is willing to hand them over in exchange for Jae-ho signing the divorce papers. If he refuses to cooperate, he will hand over the papers to Big Mouse. After logging off, Hye-jin is seen sitting with Chang-ho. Jae-ho, however, refuses to divorce his wife, but Ji-hoon isn’t someone who takes no for an answer.

End of episode 8 of Big Mouth

As the rift grows between Ji-hoon, Jae-ho, Chae-bong and Du-geun, everyone prepares for the trial. Chang-ho, who always looks suave, promises to use the truth to get rid of those who have wronged him, while Soon-tae meets the producer of the podcast which is supposed to reveal the truth about the death of Jae-young.

As the trial begins, with everyone present in the gallery, including Mi-ho, the podcast begins to air as well. Chang-ho makes a bold entrance, and after introducing himself to the audience, he asks everyone (including us) if he should predict anything about the ongoing trial.

In the epilogue, a young Mi-ho overhears Chang-ho taking half milk for his younger siblings at the orphanage, and that seems to be the reason why he saved him from his father’s beatings and is fell in love with him in the first place.

Big Mouth Episode 8 Review

Still from Big Mouth Episode 8
Still from Big Mouth Episode 8

As long as we’re out of the psych ward, I’m happy.

Joking aside, Big mouth episode 8, thankfully, doesn’t spend too much time in a white room and instead gives us a shocking and daring escape. Although Chang-ho is excellent in the episode, the real MVP is Mi-ho, who not only gets Hye-jin on her side, but also creates an incredible situation where she kills two birds with one stone.

We like ourselves strong, independent and capable women who are in no way inferior to others around her. In Big mouthit’s the princess who constantly saves the prince!

Either way, the episode was great, with no cliched plot points with an oddly satisfying cliffhanger of an ending. What happens in the trial is a question for next week, but for now we are happy with where we are.

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