Cheryl Burke Says Exploring Her Post-Divorce Mental Health Has Been ‘Scary’ | arts and entertainment

Cheryl Burke says exploring her mental health after her divorce has been “scary”.

The 37-year-old dancer – who filed for divorce from Matthew Lawrence after almost three years of marriage in February – and has learned “how the brain works” since the split.

She said: “I really tried to experience my feelings for the first time and started this new somatic intelligence program with [expert] Chen Lizra.

“We connected through Instagram and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I learned how the brain works and it connects very well with my dance program which I hope to launch with [YouTube therapist] Kati Morton later this year.

“It’s been an interesting journey and it’s been an interesting journey so far, to say the least. It’s been scary.”

The ‘Dancing with the Stars’ pro went on to admit that due to the physical nature of her competitive career, she used to ‘get through’ her emotions, but was now ready to ‘feel her feelings’. feelings” after his separation from the “Boy”. Meet the actor from Word.

In a video posted on Instagram, she said: “It’s scary, because I’m so used to going all the way, because of my athleticism and dancing in general. And as a competitor , you learn to move on, even if it hurts. Which means you’re not listening to your real body. My intention was to really try to feel my feelings and, more importantly, not to judge my feelings as I feel them.

Cheryl – who said she suffered sexual abuse in the past and lost her father Stephen in 2018 – admitted that while the experience was “uplifting”, it brought back past trauma at the same time.

She said: “It’s been very uplifting but very sad at the same time. A lot of past trauma has come to light, from my dad’s death to the abuse I’ve endured over the years, but I can guess you could say that I never really felt my feelings before, I just went through.

“Feeling your feelings may seem scary, but it’s definitely worth it in the long run.”

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