Documents: Federal judge in murder-for-hire conspiracy case recommends ex-NYPD cop serve sentence closer to home

A federal judge has again recommended Valerie Cincinelli, the former NYPD officer convicted of obstructing a grand jury investigation into a plan to hire a hitman to kill her ex-husband, to serving his sentence in a Connecticut prison.

Cincinelli wrote a letter to the judge lamenting his planned transfer to Kentucky, according to court documents.

Cincinelli, who was sentenced last year to 48 months in prison after pleading guilty to a single charge of obstruction of justice, is currently being held at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, according to the Federal Bureau’s online inmate locator. of Prisons.

“The reason I am writing to you is to beg you to please ask the BOP to reconsider my designation to Danbury CT,” Cincinelli wrote in a handwritten letter to U.S. District Judge Joanna Seybert on Jan. 4.

“I may be stuck here several months waiting for a transfer to Kentucky and I would lose my chance to get a work release and programs if I stayed here in Brooklyn.”

Cincinelli told the judge she had been slated for federal prison in Lexington, Kentucky, and said ‘bad weather’ had ‘taken this state’, referring to the Dec. 10 tornado that killed 58 people and caused catastrophic damage to several towns. in the western part of the state.

“Their government recently declared a state of emergency due to the tornado casualties and damaged infrastructure,” Cincinelli wrote.

In response to Cincinelli’s letter, Seybert recommended last Thursday to the Bureau of Prisons that Cincinelli be housed at Danbury Federal Correctional Institution.

Seybert had previously asked the BOP to send Cincinelli to Danbury after his conviction.

BOP spokeswoman Kristie Breshears said by email that information about the prison designation cannot be released until after an inmate arrives at the facility.

Breshears added that the office “regularly receives court recommendations and weighs a number of factors regarding designation at a facility.” She said the bureau ultimately determines where a prisoner serves their sentence.

Cincinelli’s Manhattan-based attorney James Kousouros said Monday by phone that his client’s transfer from the MDC to the Kentucky jail had been delayed due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19 and damage from the tornado. He added that Cincinelli had recently tested positive for coronavirus.

“The conditions at the MDC certainly with regard to the covid pandemic are absolutely untenable with regard to female inmates,” Kousouros said. “They are not separated as they are in a dormitory environment and the majority of women have contracted COVID in the last wave, including Ms. Cincinelli.”

Prosecutors said Cincinelli, a 12-year NYPD veteran from Oceanside, conspired to have her ex-husband, Isaiah Carvalho, killed because she didn’t want to split her pension with him. The couple were also going through a divorce and custody battle over their son. Prosecutors also said she planned to have her ex-boyfriend’s 13-year-old daughter killed because she felt he was spending too much money on the girl.

Prosecutors dropped two counts of murder-for-hire against Cincinelli as part of a plea deal.

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