Zee Meet TV show produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions has seen a lot of drama unfold over the past few weeks. According to the script, Barfi asks the family to hunt Manjari. According to Barfi Devi’s condition, Ragini ousts Manjari from the house. As soon as the couple begin to say their wedding vows, Barfi Devi shocks them when she asks them to give up their house to her.

Later, Barfi Devi’s words anger Ragini and soon Isha suffers a panic attack. Manjari learns the same and runs to Isha’s rescue. Barfi Devi and Deep start to leave but Manjari stops them. Meet Ahlawat and Manjari ask Deep to support Isha. Deep realizes his mistake and marries Isha against Barfi Devi’s wishes.

Now, in the next episode, the Ahlawat family is doing Isha’s Bidaai. Deep promises the family that he will take care of Isha. On the other hand, Barfi Devi gets angry with Manjari’s actions. She decides to take revenge. The next day, Barfi Devi comes to Ahlawat’s house. She meets Rajvardhan and reveals Manjari’s truth to him. Rajvardhan is shocked after the revelation.

Will Rajvardhan face Manjari?

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