Erica Mena Tries to Give Safaree Divorce Papers During Live Appearance

Safaree thought he could go out and party in peace. Wrong. Erica Mena tried to get Safaree served with divorce papers at a party.

According to The Jasmine brandErica Mena and Safaree had a wild time in front of the love and hip hop cameras at Spice’s celebration party. The party was to celebrate some of Spice’s recent moves in music and Safaree was to perform. During the event, Mena appeared, yelled at Safaree and attempted to give her divorce papers.

When Safaree tried to back out of the situation, it was reportedly a bit testy. The performance video of Safaree’s pre-posts is available below.

Last year, Safaree took to Twitter to voice his grievances about love and hip-hop. In the clip, a pregnant Erica scolds him for not rushing to pick up their fallen daughter. “Safaree go get her, you idiot. What is your problem?”

He replies, “She is fine. When she’s here, when we’re alone, that doesn’t happen.

Erica said during the confessional, “This moment is probably preparing me to prepare for what my life is about to be. I have to hold my babies by myself, even when they hurt, because dad finds it funny. This proves how immature he is.

After receiving backlash, Safaree said he didn’t want the clip to air in the first place. “And all you LHH editors, that ain’t shit. we told you not to drop my baby and you used it anyway. We had a whole bunch of *** bulls brought in and you always used it. You have no respect, because that wasn’t my response when I found out I was having a boy!

He threatened to quit Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. “That was ugly and tasteless!! This is definitely about to end my time with y’all. Y’all want too much time to do this kind of crap! We filmed an hour long conversation for this scene and you cut it in 3 minutes and use it as a focal point. Weak”

Shortly after launching the series of tweets, the New York native promised to be more private. “It’s called social media, let’s stop being so personal on this app. Try it for a week and let’s watch climate change. I’m about to be so private about my shit. No one will know nothing…”

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