Heather calls Noella a “liar” and a “thirsty” girl

The awkward conversation between noella and heating heat on this episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County. Girls’ trips always test relationships, but in the end, it’s Gina who’s had enough of BS.

Noella claims she never meant to hurt Heather’s family and apologizes to a cool and calm Heather. Heather makes it clear that she’s sorry for what Noella is going through, but lets Noella know that her family is more important to her than anything else. Heather flatly denies hitting anyone and calls out Noella for her lies, while Gina, Shannonand Emily wrap a chicken salad. The juxtaposition between the scenes is hilarious and I definitely prefer being in the kitchen than in the hot seat.

When Noella dodges an apology, Heather calls her a “liar and a thirsty girl” and it’s clear that this relationship can’t be fixed. The women are drunk and messed up from the altitude, so they call it a night, knowing things aren’t going to be 100%.

The next morning, the ladies arrive and get ready for the day’s activities. Archery is the event of the day, which doesn’t seem like the best idea given the tumult of these “friendships”. As Noella is enjoying a Bloody Mary in bed, she phones her friend and states that she is going to skip archery. She tells her friend that Heather came after *her* – shouting that she’s a liar. Noella tearfully shares that Heather told her that everything that happens in her life is karma repaying Noella. She further states that all women are “terrified” of Heather…except her.

Leave it to Shannon to dress the archery role. She looks like Robin Hood, but her skill level is below normal. Jeans blurts out, “let’s go before she [Noella] change your mind” and I have to agree – run away, girls! But, TBH, it seems a little weird that Noella keeps crying that she wants to be part of the group, but chooses to stay home alone, further singling herself out.

Noella says she feels “disconnected” from the things that make her feel safe, especially after reading the divorce papers she received just 30 minutes ago. Noella decides to become one with nature and take the time to cry through her grief – for the loss of her father, for his divorce, for everything that is going on in her life.

In the meantime, the archery team arrives and they are ready to be “warriors”. After some yoga breathing, they went shooting arrows. Apparently Emily does this, it’s her free time – she’s SO good – in fact, she crushes all the activity on these girls’ trips! After the archery, the women decide to go their separate ways – half the group decides to hike and the other half signs up for a (boring!) mine tour.

Gina clarifies that she is not Noella’s “fucking therapist” and she prays that this visit to the mine will not be limited to Noella. Here I hope! Emily and Gina stop by the house to pick up Noella and they go to the mine. It’s super awkward, because Emily and Gina have no interest in chatting with Noella. It’s like strangers hanging out in this Sprinter Van – no convo, no way. Once at the mine, things get serious quickly, especially with their no-nonsense tour guide. They educate themselves and learn that people have actually died in this mine. Could there be ghosts?

Heather, Jen and Shannon go on a hike and before they can even walk ten steps, they decide to lay down and rest to chat. Shannon explains that she feels “conflicted” and states that Emily is the master shit-stirrer. Shannon grows tired of his antics and resents that Emily always repeats what she hears. Shannon further states that she thought her relationship with Emily had finally reached a point of friendship, but that she couldn’t get over the drama all the time. Shannon wants to have a chat with Emily to see how things might improve for them.

Back at the house “hike”, the girls sit down for a snack and wait for Gina, Emily and Noella to arrive. Of course, Noella wastes no time telling Shannon about her depression when she gets home, and Shannon seems to prefer to be anywhere but next to Noella. Hell, she even suggests talking with Emily about their issues.

When Shannon takes Emily aside, she tells her that she doesn’t want any negativity in her life. Emily calls Shannon and wonders why Shannon would say that if all she does is speak negatively about her friend, Gina. Shannon doesn’t want the issues she has with Gina to affect her friendship with Emily and the two ladies reconcile in hopes of continuing the growth of that friendship. In the end, the duo decide that tonight is bear costume night – I have a serious deJa’vu right now. What is RHOD? !

Lonely Noella takes a hot tub and tells her mother about barren divorce papers. Although she is nervous, she is ready to move on as a newly divorced woman. While Gina, Emily and Heather are all crammed into the same bed, many summer house style. They don’t talk about the day’s events and Emily tells Gina and Heather about her conversation with Shannon. Gina thinks Shannon has something more personal against her and Gina worries that she will say something to Shannon that she may regret.

The dinner sets these women rock for a home-cooked meal are amazing. Furs. Boots. Jewelry. Noella discusses her quick divorce and Gina hopes this will help keep her quiet about it. They get live music and the ladies dance awkwardly until Shannon and Emily excuse themselves to get the surprise bear costume ready. These costumes are terrifying, but the other women don’t even flinch when they approach. #operationbearscarefail.

When they sit down for dinner, Emily decides to play another game with the group. Never a good idea. She asks how old the ladies were for their first job and how much they earned. Noella shares that she was in a Will Smith video because she was a model and when Gina mentions that she’s like her friend Tatiana’s daughter, Noella can’t remember who “Tat” is…even after spending a lot of time with her only two days ago at .her house. When Noella tells Gina, “it’s not that deep”, Gina becomes all protective and pretends she should know. Looks like Gina got overdone. Gina’s anger right now is a bit exaggerated.

Even Emily thinks Gina is overreacting, but runs to her side, mostly to make sure she doesn’t fall into her drunken stupor. Shannon kisses Noella because Noella “doesn’t feel safe” to talk about her feelings. Gina drunkenly tells Shannon that she needs to stop supporting Noella, but Shannon can’t stand it. She states that she’s trying to get Noella to a good place, but Gina retorts, “shit happens.”

Shannon tries to be nice, but Gina thinks Shannon is just doing this so she can hold it over Noella’s head three years later. Phew. Gina leaves and calls Noella’s situation a joke and shouts that she has no sympathy for this type of behavior. The words of a drunk woman are the thoughts of a sober woman. I think Gina can say goodbye to a friendship with Noella…


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