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When deciding to divorce, most people want the whole process to be as simple as possible. This article will discuss whether it is possible to file divorce papers over the Internet in Mississippi and under what conditions the divorce process will be the fastest and most peaceful.

What You Need to Know About Uncontested Divorce in Mississippi

An uncontested divorce is the best kind of divorce to save your nerves and your money. But above all.

A uncontested divorce is a dissolution of marriage in which the spouses agree on crucial issues such as child custody, spousal support (alimony), division of property, etc., and sign a Settlement Agreement.

Mississippi allows ex-partners to file a joint petition for uncontested divorce (also called a “complaint”). This type of divorce is the fastest because you can finalize your divorce in just two months without having to go to court.

However, the following criteria must first be met to have an uncontested divorce.

Meet the residency requirement

When filing for a divorce in Mississippi (of any kind), you must ensure that you and your spouse meet the residency requirements. In Mississippi, one spouse must have lived in the state for six months before starting divorce proceedings and filing the required forms with the court.

Reach a marital settlement agreement

In addition, before filing a joint complaint for an uncontested divorce, the couple must conclude the marital settlement agreement discussed above. This document should cover all the key points related to the breakdown of a marriage, including:

  • all matters relating to the legal and physical custody of minor children, where applicable;
  • how you will divide jointly acquired assets and unpaid debts, if any;
  • whether one of the spouses will pay alimony to the other;
  • issues related to health insurance and medical expenses for children, etc. ;

This simplistic version of divorce in Mississippi is often called “the divorce of irreconcilable differences.” You and your spouse must therefore present irreconcilable differences in court as a legal ground for divorce.

However, this only applies to no-fault divorce. Most states allow divorce on the basis of “irreconcilable differences” without having to prove that the breakup was due to someone else’s fault. However, in Mississippi, you can only get an irreconcilable divorce if you and your spouse agree to the divorce.

If your spouse has claims against you and/or does not want a divorce, you can apply for a contested divorce on one of the following grounds:

  • Treason;
  • Insanity: being hospitalized for at least three years with an incurable mental illness;
  • Imprisonment;
  • Bigamy;
  • Desertion for at least one year;
  • Cruel treatment of spouse and/or children;
  • Habitual use of drugs and alcohol;
  • Incapacity;
  • Incest;
  • The husband did not know about the pregnancy of a wife from someone else during the marriage.

A few words about online divorce societies

Another important benefit of an uncontested divorce is that you can contact a divorce service on the Internet for help. The Divorce Website can help you with your divorce paperwork in days, saving you valuable time and nerve cells.

It is fast and affordable because it allows you to collect and submit documents to court on your own, without a lawyer.

How to File for Divorce in Mississippi

So, after you and your spouse have discussed all the issues and come to a settlement agreement (in the case of an undisputed type), you collect and complete all the necessary forms, including a joint divorce complaint.

When getting a divorce in Mississippi, you should be aware that Mississippi does not provide online download forms like many other states. Instead, you will need to get the correct forms from the county court clerk’s office where you are filing for divorce. Remember that you can always turn to online divorce societies for help in this case.

After completing the paperwork, take it to the clerk’s office for registration. The clerk will provide you with a file number. There is also an application fee (the amount of which varies from county to county).

After filing for divorce, you must serve a copy of the divorce papers to your spouse. People often wonder if they can do it themselves. However, you cannot serve a copy on your spouse yourself under Mississippi law. You can ask the local sheriff, a registered bailiff, or anyone over 18 who has nothing to do with your divorce.

Documents can be delivered by mail if your ex-partner is out of state. Also, there are situations where you do not know the location of your spouse. In this case, you can ask the court to publish a notice in the local newspaper. Service is only applicable in a fault divorce since you are filing documents together in a no-fault document.

Conclusion of a divorce

Once you file the required documents, Mississippi has a 60 day waiting period to reach a verdict on the case and complete the divorce proceedings.

Usually you don’t even need to attend a hearing in an uncontested divorce. During the 60 days, the judge reviews the settlement agreement (if you have one) and other documents. If the agreement is fair and covers all vital issues, including the best interests of minor children, the judge will allow you to divorce.

Final Thoughts

Divorce procedure varies slightly from state to state. So make sure you meet the eligibility criteria before filing for divorce in Mississippi. Since divorce is rarely a pleasant event, make your life at least a little easier by turning to online divorce platforms to save time preparing documents. You don’t have to do it alone!

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