Indian doctor receives huge divorce bill as he accuses judge of ‘spreading his legs’

Singapore: The ex-wife of an Indian-born neurologist in Singapore was awarded S $ 25 million in assets, child support and spousal support by a court in British Columbia, in one of the biggest divorce indemnities abroad.

Gobinathan Devathasan, 69, whose behavior was described as “reprehensible” during the litigation, was ordered on April 29 to pay his ex-wife Christie Devathasan 5,498,344 Canadian dollars in spousal support, as well as 612,084 Canadian dollars in child support.

During the litigation, Mr Devathasan had managed funds in his Singapore bank account despite an asset freeze order, failed to disclose assets, deliberately embarrassed his daughter and suggested that a judge had “dismissed them. legs’ to the plaintiff’s lawyer, the court was informed.

The doctor ran a private clinic at Mount Elizabeth Hospital and married Christie in 1997. She filed for divorce in 2016, Channel News Asia reported.

The couple were described in the court judgment as “exceptionally wealthy” and owned cars, jewelry, works of art and luxury homes, as well as investment property in Canada, the United States, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia.

Christie divorced her first husband in 1996, while Mr. Devathasan divorced his first wife, with whom he had two children, in 1997. Soon after, the couple married in Singapore in August 1997.

The couple’s relationship deteriorated in 2015 and early 2016, according to court documents.

Divorce proceedings began in July 2016.

Christie obtained an asset freeze order and a protection order, and these orders were served on Mr Devathasan in August 2016. The doctor claimed they were not binding as he was in Singapore and took measures to manage its assets.

Mr. Devathasan’s past behavior was also taken into account in deciding on current and future child support. He must pay C $ 33,084 for child support and a lump sum of C $ 579,000 for child support for the period up to June 2022.

“For a long time, he was absolutely unwilling to recognize or fulfill his parental and conjugal responsibilities or to recognize the role of this court in adjudicating those responsibilities,” Justice Gomery said in his judgment.

In an affidavit on May 22, 2017, he said, “I will not pay a dollar for child support now or until death or whatever anyone decrees, no matter what.”

The judge ordered Mr. Devathasan to pay his ex-wife C $ 2,351,000 as part of the distribution of family assets and debt. He will also have to pay a total of C $ 612,084 in child support and C $ 5,498,344 in total for spousal support.

Assets of C $ 16.4 million granted to Christie Devasthan include a house in West Vancouver valued at C $ 6.2 million, an apartment in Vancouver valued at C $ 2.35 million and an apartment in Florida valued at C $ 2.48 million.

The doctor was awarded C $ 21.4 million as a result of the procedure.

The judge described Mr. Devathasan as a “hardworking man all his life”, adding that the doctor had worked Monday through Friday and Saturday mornings throughout his career in private practices.

“He has loyal patients,” the judge said in the report.

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