Julia Haart was ‘completely blindsided’ when she fired her husband’s business amid divorce

Looks like there’s trouble in heaven for Netflix original star Julia Haart My Unorthodox Life, and her husband, Italian businessman, Silvio Scaglia. After two and a half years of marriage, it looks like the couple are headed for divorce in a very messy way. Since getting married, the couple worked together at Elite World Group, a company owned by Scaglia before marrying Haart.

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Having received divorce papers, Scaglio sent Haart to pack up a business he says is his. Read on to learn more about the broken marriage of the My Unorthodox Life stars and why Haart feels blindsided by her dismissal from the company.

Julia Haart was caught off guard by her ex-husband, Silvio Scaglia Haart

According to US Magazine, Haart and Scaglia first met in 2015 when footwear brand Haart collaborated with La Perla, a company Scaglia had recently acquired. However, it wasn’t love at first sight for the couple. Haart had only left his Orthodox Jewish community in 2013, just two years before he first met Scaglia. It wasn’t until 2018, when Haart and Scaglia started seeing each other outside of a work environment, that she told him about her past with the Orthodox Jewish community.

Just a year into their relationship, Haart and Scaglia tied the knot in June 2019. While the newlyweds seemed happily together during their two-and-a-half-year marriage, Haart announced she was filing for divorce from her second husband in February 2022. After filing for divorce, a source told Us Weekly Haart now feels caught off guard after Scaglia fired her from her job at her company, Elite World Group. Haart has not publicly commented on the dismissal.

Haart, 50, now accuses Scaglia, 63, of bullying her throughout their relationship and has even sought a temporary restraining order against her ex-husband. Along with her restraining order, Haart files a lawsuit against Scaglia because she believes she was wrongfully terminated from her position at Elite World Group and claims she is still legally a 50% co-owner of the company.

Is Julia Haart preparing for a second divorce?

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While things get messy between Haart and Scaglia, this isn’t Haart’s first divorce rodeo. After growing up in a strict Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn, New York, with Russian immigrant parents, following Orthodox Judaism was the only life Julia Haart ever knew. So, at the age of 19, Haart remained faithful to her religion and lived in an arranged marriage with Yosef Hendler, her first husband and father of her children.

Hendler and Haart were married for more than two decades and had four children together before Haart decided she could no longer live with the constraints the Orthodox Jewish community placed on her. While leaving the community initially placed enormous tension between Haart and Hendler, the two are now said to be very civil towards each other. Only time will tell if Haart and Scaglia are able to maintain a friendly relationship after their divorce is finalized.

Julia Haart’s perspective on growing up as an Orthodox Jew

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After leaving her fundamentalist faith and her community with her children, Haart became a successful fashion designer. Haart’s unique story, from a traditional Orthodox Jewish wife and mother to a successful New York fashion designer, has caught the attention of many, including executives at Netflix. Haart’s reality show, My Unorthodox Lifeillustrating his unique experience, premiered on Netflix in July 2021.

During the first season, the show centered on Haart, her four children, and her new husband, Silvio Scaglia Haart. US Magainze reports that Scaglia took Haart’s last name on their union and named her CEO of his company Elite World Group.

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