Kanye West blocks ex Kim Kardashian’s divorce petition

Kanye West has expressed his objections to the judge in charge of the divorce application from his ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

Kanye’s new legal filings are in response to Kim’s request that the judge declare her celibate before all custody and property issues are resolved.

It’s expected to happen early next month, but now Kanye’s attorney is opposing it, TMZ reports.

Kanye’s attorney seemed concerned that Kim might remarry and transfer some of their assets to his separate accounts. Kanye seems fine with Kim becoming single, but only if safeguards are in place that the assets will remain as marital property.

Kanye wants three conditions, which his attorney claims Kim has all rejected.

1. If one of them dies, he wants to make sure that any money that may be owed to either of them is repaid.

Kanye wants to prevent Kim from transferring assets from any trust they created.

3. He wants Kim to give up her marital privilege pending a final custody decision.

“It’s interesting… he wants to make sure that any communication between the two of them can be part of the court record. He also wants to make sure that if Kim remarries, she would relinquish all marital privileges between her and her new husband…in other words, he wants to make sure that all conversations between her and a new husband, regarding concerns custody, would be fair game in court”.

The former couple had a prenup that separates all of their assets, so it’s unclear why there would be alarm from Kanye.

According to the PM’s information, TMZ said that despite Kanye’s objections, it is almost certain that the judge will restore Kim’s single status next month.

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