Kanye West joked about Kim Kardashian’s divorce

The rapper took to the stage to honor Sean “Diddy” Combs at the BET Awards on Sunday, referencing Kim for the first time since their public spat earlier this year.

Kanye West seems to be making a comeback in the public eye.

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If you’re a fan of Ye, you’ll know he’s recently taken a step back after his split from Kim Kardashian hit a rough patch.

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After filing for a fairly amicable divorce in February 2021, Kim and Ye’s breakup took a messy turn in November, around the time things started to get serious between Kim and her current boyfriend, Pete. Davidson.

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Of course, in light of Kim’s budding romance with Pete, it created quite an awkward situation, and as a result, Ye ended up venting her frustrations on social media.

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Beginning in February and posting steadily until mid-March, Ye harassed Kim and Pete on Instagram, sharing their private messages and even encouraging his fans to yell at them in public.

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Ye’s constant posts have caused great concern among his followers, with many accusing the rapper of abusive behavior towards Kim and Pete. And in March, his Instagram account was suspended for 24 hours after violating the platform’s harassment policies.

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Fast forward to today, and Ye has yet to make a full return to the public eye, having only been spotted on occasional public outings.

Interestingly, reports following their feud claimed that the Yeezy founder was actively seeking “behavioral” treatment, in order to “be a better human and a better father.”

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Taking the stage to present the Lifetime Achievement Award to his longtime friend Sean “Diddy” Combs, the donda The rapper – whose face was completely covered in a black mask, hat and sunglasses – was greeted with loud applause from the crowd.

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“How do we crown our kings? How do we value our kings? his speech began, before praising Diddy’s work in the music industry.

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“To see Puff in real life at the ‘Missing You’ video, just like me typing freely like a little kid – I just need to meet this man. He’s my favorite artist,” he said. , looking visibly optimistic.

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“See, I say ‘favorite artist’,” he clarified. “Everything – not specifically the production, the drip. Back then, there were so many rules in hip-hop, and he broke them all.

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Reflecting on what he learned from Diddy in his own career, Ye even referenced his failed marriage to Kim, drawing mixed reactions from the crowd.

“He inspired so many of my choices. So many of my life choices. My spouse choice,” he said as the audience burst into the noise.

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“And here we are,” he added with a laugh. “Thanks for that, Poof.”

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Additionally, Ye also appeared to corroborate reports that he wanted to take “a year off” following his public feud with Kim, confirming in his speech that he recently took “a little break.”

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“I said, ‘I just want to declare myself legally dead for a year,'” he told the audience, seemingly referring to his absence since being banned from Instagram. “Nobody bothers me. You know, I just want to be off the grid.

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But, despite his hopes of keeping a low profile, Ye seemed to suggest that the opportunity to honor Diddy was reason enough to return to the public eye.

“Puff is quite persistent,” he explained. “Any of us in this room, if Puff ever needs us, we have to jump up and be there.” This man has been through and survived a lot. I broke down a lot of doors so we could stand. I know for myself that I could be here today.

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He ended the moving speech by telling Diddy in the audience, “If I never told you, I love you. You are my brother.”

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So, in light of his absence from the spotlight, fans were certainly thrilled to see Ye appear so positive, which marks his first appearance at the awards show since he retired from Coachella in April and his performance at the Grammys was canceled the same month due to “concerning online behavior.”

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The speech is also the first time Ye has referenced Kim since they came to blows on Instagram, and coincides with reports that the exes are currently working to rebuild their relationship as co-parents.

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In fact, just over a week ago, Kim also gave her ex a rare shout-out, praising him for being the “best dad” to their four kids in a sweet Father’s Day tribute.

Well, if Ye’s joke about their failed marriage is any indication, it looks like things might finally look a little friendlier between Kimye as they navigate the final stages of their split.

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