KFC Launches Scented Candles with Sauce: From Divorce Paper to Farts, 5 Weird Candle Smells That Don’t Make a “Perfume”

We all love a good scent in our homes and scented candles are the best options to set the mood. Some people may opt for air fresheners, but scented candles add their own ambiance to any space. Over the years, many flavors and scents have been experienced in the making of such candles. Lavender, aloe, rose, peach, orange etc. are too old. There are companies that have experimented with scents that you would have even imagined. Recently, Kentucky’s Fried Chicken launched its limited edition gravy scented candles. These candles carry the sweet aroma of their sauce. So, for those ardent lovers of their gravy taste, they might be a tempting option. KFC sauce candles are currently only sold in the UK and their number is very limited. Is there vegetarian chicken? KFC will try to introduce “meatless” fried chicken by 2019.

When we pronounce scented candles, fruits and flowers are the basic scents we imagine. These aromatic candles can benefit a person in several ways. A good aroma can relieve a person of mental stress, pain, and radiate positive vibes. It can help heal some anxieties and a good scent can bring positivity. But put aside the good aromatic scents for a while because there are candles whose scents are difficult to define. Creativity has no limits, as some candle making companies have proven. Let’s take a look at some of the weirdest scented candles available on the market. How to reduce indoor toxicity this winter? An expert suggests five easy ways to improve indoor air quality.

Netflix and Chill Candles

Netflix and Chill Candle Scent (Photo Credits: Amazon)

To set the mood for your movie watching or frenzy in your bedroom, these candles are perfect. We can’t define it exactly, but they are said to have a sweet aroma with a hint of vanilla. So if you have a ‘Netflix and chill’ date, this candle is for you.

Divorce Paper Candles

Divorce Papers Candle Scent (Photo Credits: Amazon)

It is said to be a complexed scented candle that manages to capture all your emotions after a failed marriage. Smelling like the legal parchment of signed divorce papers, you can only expect to see the light brighter as you leave a failed marriage.

Zoo candles

Zoo candle scent (Photo credits: Stinky Candles co.)

Taking your love for wildlife with you, create a zoo feel in your living space with these zoo candles made by Stinky Candle co. Be careful, these are not pleasant smells but pungent. “Close your eyes and try to spot the telltale scents of the tangy grizzly bear, the prickly rhino and the king tiger, but completely smelly,” the description reads.

Sexy librarian

Sexy Librarian Candle Scent (Photo Credits: Amazon)

The smell of books is undoubtedly calming, but what does the smell of a sexy librarian look like? These soy candles have a scent of rosewood, lilac and musk and are a must have for any book lover. It’s apparently a seductive scent that will make you want to read.

Fart candles

Fart candle scent (Photo credits: Stinky Candles co.)

Is it some kind of farce? Why would anyone make candles that smell like fart? The name itself “scented fart candle” sounds ironic. It’s a terrible idea, but it still exists. It is, in fact, an idea of ​​punishment if you want to take revenge on someone. These are quite stinky candles that are available in the market.

There are some of the many strange scents of candles available in the market. Scented candles for food and drink like pizza, nachos, cheese, beer, juice, etc. are still very common. But who would have thought that a sexy librarian could make a smell or that the smell of a zoo could mix in your home? KFC may have added a scent of gravy to some lucky ones, but there are definitely some weirdest candle scents out there.

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