Kim Kardashian reportedly ‘tried to set healthy boundaries’ with Kanye West amid divorce drama

Kim Kardashian West filed for divorce from Kanye West in early 2021 after seven years of marriage. Both have also been dating other people in recent months. Despite all of this, there is still drama surrounding their divorce. According to a source, Kardashian West is “trying to set healthy boundaries” with her ex-husband.

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What happened between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West?

Although Kardashian West has mostly spoken positively about West and their co-parenting relationship since the divorce, West hasn’t reciprocated.

In November 2021, West appeared on the podcast Drink champions, where he did not recognize their divorce as legitimate. He said: “My children want their parents to stay together. I want us to be together… I haven’t even seen the papers. We haven’t even divorced.

He then visited Skid Row for Thanksgiving and said God would bring Kimye back together.

Then, in December, West bought a house across from his and Kardashian West’s former mansion, where Kardashian West lived with their children.

On January 15, 2022, West released a song titled “Eazy” with lyrics discussing recent events in his and Kardashian West’s life. For example, he references Kardashian West’s new romance with Pete Davidson and threatens to “beat” the comedian’s “a**.” Additionally, he raps about divorce with lyrics such as “We have the best divorce ever.”

Recently, Kardashian West hosted a birthday party for their daughter Chicago. However, West was reportedly uninvited and took to Instagram Live to call out the Kardashian-Jenner family. “I called Kim, texted nannies,” he said. “I had on the phone Tristan [Thompson], he asked Khloé [Kardashian], no one will give me the address of my daughter’s birthday party right now.

In an interview with hollywood unblocked, West claimed that at one point his ex-wife’s security team wouldn’t let him into her home with their oldest daughter, North.

Kim Kardashian West reportedly ‘tried to set healthy boundaries’

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Kardashian West has not commented on these events regarding West. However, a source said People that she simply “tried to set healthy boundaries” with her ex-husband.

Regarding the incident with Kardashian West’s security, the insider alleged that West wasn’t allowed into her home, but security “didn’t stop him from seeing the kids, picking them up or dropping them off. “.

“He just can’t come into her house anymore without her permission,” the source said. They also claimed the reality TV star “has a right to privacy and tries to set healthy boundaries.”

The insider added, “Kim wants the kids to have a strong relationship with both parents and to respect the boundaries and structure she has put in place so they have some predictability and consistency with their jobs. time.”

Kim Kardashian West Reportedly ‘Shocked’ to Hear About Kanye West’s Chicago Birthday Party Rant

West’s Instagram Live about being kept out of the Chicago birthday party also ‘shocked’ Kardashian West, according to a source who spoke to We Weekly.

“Kim was shocked to find out he posted a video about not being invited to her party – it’s not true and as soon as he asked to come he was given the location,” the insider said on the same day West posted the video. “There were always two parties planned in Chicago, it was Kanye’s idea. He was supposed to celebrate with her at 4 p.m. today.

Nonetheless, photos of West at the party later surfaced online. He also said that Kardashian West’s sister, Kylie Jenner, let him into the party.

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