Lagman believes divorce bill will hamper House plenary

MANILA – One of the authors of the Philippine Absolute Divorce Bill is convinced it would hamper the plenary session of the House of Representatives after it was passed unanimously by the Population and Family Relations Committee.

“Sa palagay ko ganun din ang mangyayari sapleno lalong-lalo na ang Speaker of the House, si Speaker Lord Allan Velasco a sang-ayon sa batas na itong Absolute Divorce Order,” said Albay 1st district representative Edcel Lagman .

(I think the same would happen in plenary, especially since the Speaker of the House, Lord Allan Velasco, is in favor of the Absolute Divorce Decree Bill.)

Under the proposal, the grounds for legal separation, marriage annulment and marriage annulment based on psychological incapacity under the Philippine Family Code are included as grounds for absolute divorce.

“This absolute divorce bill is a good example for all married couples. Dito sa Pilipinas, “the overwhelming young majority of married men and women have the greatest joy. This divorce bill is intended to solve the problems related to Hinduism in order to reconcile irremediable differences, ”he said.

(The Absolute Divorce Bill is not for all married couples. Here in the Philippines, the overwhelming majority of married men and women are happy with their union. This Divorce Bill is aimed at married couples who can’t really reconcile their irremediable differences.)

The other grounds for divorce included in the bill are:

Family law expert Maria Soledad Mawis is happy that the issue of divorce is once again in the spotlight and also hopes that the bill will be passed in plenary.

“I hope it passes because, like I said, people should be given the chance to find second love,” Mawis said.

Mawis, who is dean of the Lyceum of the Philippines University College of Law, believes a divorce law is timely.

“I think divorce law is a way out by hindi na sila magkaroon ng mas malalang kasalanan or just to be safe from abuse or a loveless marriage,” she said .

(I think the divorce law is a solution so that they don’t commit a much bigger problem or just be safe from abuse or a loveless marriage.)

But what needs to be ensured, she added, is that the grounds for divorce are valid.

“The bantayan lang nating siguro is a fragile lang ‘yung Hindi motif. Dapat, dahil marriage by rin is an inviolable social institution that the state must protect, dapat bigyan natin ng pansin ‘yung rason bakit magkakaroon ng divorce. Ano yung karapat-dapat has no grounds for divorce, ”she said.

(What we need to watch out for is that the grounds are valid and not fragile. As marriage is still an inviolable social institution that the state must protect, we need to pay attention to why there should be divorce. the valid grounds for divorce.)

Meanwhile, Lagman said they weren’t pushing for the bill for personal reasons.

“This is for taumbayan, the long-lalo which is the same as for the babies who are there, it is a big part of the situation which is dysfunctional in the young union which is in the process of becoming pagmamahal,” he said. -he declares.

(This is for the public, especially for oppressed married women who have long endured a dysfunctional union and a loveless marriage.)

He added: “We must give them back humanity and freedom.”

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