Lawyer for Dennis Perkins claims AG’s office isn’t providing all the evidence, asks judge to delay trial

Warning: This story mentions sexual assault. Please revise at your own discretion.

LIVINGSTON, La. (BRPROUD) – Dennis Perkins’ trial has been adjourned to Oct. 11.

The trial was originally scheduled to start on Monday, but Dennis Perkins’ attorney Jarett Ambeau argued that prosecutors refused to provide all photo and video evidence asking the judge to postpone the upcoming trial.

Prosecutors denied that claim, saying they had given Ambeau enough time to review all relevant evidence and that Ambeau’s motion is “unacceptable for him to request a delay.”

This case hit the headlines as the details of the alleged crimes shocked the nation. One of the many charges alleged that Dennis Perkins filmed himself making cum desserts and later serving them to school children with the help of his estranged wife Cynthia Perkins. Count 15 of the original indictment, mixing harmful substances, alleges that semen was mixed in both baked goods and energy drinks before being served to the victims.

Ambeau has been outspoken in the past that “the biological fluid thing is grossly exaggerated and wrong.” He now maintains that the videos of the donuts and petit fours he allegedly ejaculated on are different from the desserts served to children and the videos can prove it.

Dennis Perkins’ attorney has filed motions asking the court to bar the prosecution from presenting evidence related to Melanie Curtin’s trial.

An in limine motion, which is the type of motion brief, according to the Cochran Law Firm, is a motion filed by a party to a lawsuit asking the court for an order or ruling limiting or preventing the presentation of certain evidence by the other party at the trial of the case.

In December, Curtin was convicted of aggravated rape and voyeuristic video of an unconscious woman and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. A crime she is accused of having committed with Denis Perkins.

The trial of Denis Perkins, a former Livingston Parish sheriff’s deputy, is due to begin on May 9. He faces more than 72 charges, including rape, child pornography and sexual assault against a child under 13.

The defense said it has evidence that the sexual assault victim, who accused Curtin and Denis Perkins of raping her unconscious body while taping her, contradicted herself at Curtin’s trial. The defense unearthed the sexual assault victim’s divorce papers from a marriage that dissolved more than a decade ago in another state. According to the defense, the divorce file indicated that the victim had consented to group sex. During Curtin’s trial, the sexual assault victim said she would never consider having group sex.

The prosecutor argued that the victim’s sexual history cannot be used to discredit her testimony or be used for consent in future sexual encounters.

The judge agreed with prosecutors that the divorce papers will not be allowed to be used by the defense during the trial.

Cynthia Perkins, a former middle school teacher at Westside Junior High, pleaded guilty to second degree rape, production of child pornography and conspiracy to mix harmful substances in February. She will spend the next 41 years of her life behind bars, 40 without the possibility of parole.

At sentencing, Cynthia Perkins agreed to testify against Dennis Perkins.

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