Leadership Techniques LLC Celebrates Ribbon Cutting

Leadership Techniques LLC celebrated its move to Delaware with a ribbon cutting from the Rehoboth Beach-Dewey Beach Chamber of Commerce on May 24.

After forming the company in Frederick, Maryland in 2010, co-founders Dave Newman and Lisa Hammer recently moved Leadership Techniques LLC and their families to Delaware, a move they describe as a dream come true. They love the area and are confident that their unique team approach to leadership training will be a huge success in the first state.

The company helps business and technical leaders understand how to apply motivational techniques and inject positivity to propel their teams to greater success and satisfaction. Newman and Hammer have provided training and assistance to the business community both locally and across the country. They always incorporate the concepts of employee engagement and happiness into everything they teach – from planning and risk management to emotional intelligence and interpersonal communications.

“We know from multiple studies that happier people are more productive, so whether we’re talking about conflict resolution or coping mechanisms, we’re always striving to help frontline leaders reduce workplace stress, both theirs and the people who work for them,” Newman said.

“We love what we do and it shows. We have a genuine passion for project management and supervisory leadership. Our greatest reward is seeing the positive impact our training can have on individuals, teams and entire organizations,” Hammer said.

Newman and Hammer also offer certification courses in many of the most popular project management certifications available today, including the Project Management Professional and Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master. They also offer training and consulting services for employee engagement and power skills, including interpersonal communications, emotional intelligence, and service leadership, among others.

A new element added to their training profile is Everything DiSC, a form of assessment that is among the most popular tools used today to help increase engagement and improve workplace communications. In 2022, Leadership Techniques will offer two versions of Everything DiSC: Workplace, the basic profile, and Agile EQ, which focuses on emotional intelligence. Using these tools helps people understand their differences and similarities, and can greatly improve office productivity.

Leadership Techniques LLC finds a way to give back to the community. Both Hammer and Newman have held leadership positions on the boards of community-focused voluntary organizations and have been involved in their communities over the years, paying particular attention to veterans and people in the need.

To find out more, visit LeadershipTechniquesLLC.comemail [email protected] or call 301-667-3915.

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