Opponents believe ‘unconstitutional’ divorce bill will not get the green light from the lower house – Manila Bulletin

A senior House official sees no chance that the divorce bill will be approved by the House of Representatives, even if the adoption process is expedited by the chamber.

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“I don’t think the bill will pass – it is in direct violation of the 1987 Constitution,” said vice president and party representative 1Sagip Rodante Marcoleta.

Marcoleta, whose partisan organization enjoys strong support from the very influential religious sect Iglesia ni Cristo, predicted that strong opposition will be registered in plenary once the bill is open for deliberation.

Earlier, Vice Presidents Lito Atienza (BUHAY Partylist) and Bro. Eddie Villanueva (CIBAC Party) denounced Tuesday the approval of the bill by the Committee on Population and Family Relations. Atienza and Villanueva represent partisan organizations supported respectively by the Catholic charismatic ministry El Shaddai and the ministry Jesus is Lord.

The two House officials agree that the divorce measure is in contradiction with the constitutional provisions on the protection of the family.

“It was Cong Edcel’s work at the committee level. I think he will have a hard time defending him on the ground, ”Marcoleta said in a text message to the Manila Bulletin, referring to Albay rep Edcel Lagman.

Lagman is one of the main authors of the bill that legalizes outright divorce as an option for couples facing difficult marriages.

The other authors of the three bills that were consolidated by the Family Relations Panel are the former president and Davao del Norte Pantaleon Alvarez and the six members of the Makabayan bloc.

In a press release on Thursday, August 19, Lagman defended the bill against criticism of unconstitutionality.

“An absolute divorce law is constitutional despite the Constitution’s requirements on the sanctity of marriage and the fact that it is the foundation of the family,” Lagman said.

“By legalizing absolute divorce, the state is not destroying the institution of marriage because a judicial judgment granting the divorce is after the fact a marriage that has been irreparably broken by human fragility and deadly imperfections,” he said. -he explains.

The veteran independent lawmaker noted that the Philippines remained the only country in the world that did not legalize outright divorce.

“The Vatican has an average annual population of only 800 people, and resident women who marry are not allowed to continue to reside in the Vatican which does not have a maternity hospital,” Lagman said.

He stressed: “Absolute divorce is not for all married couples like in the Philippines where the overwhelming majority of spouses are in happy and harmonious unions.”



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