Paige’s Story Proves Young Sheldon Can Fix Big Bang Theory Plot Holes

Young Sheldon’s explanation for The Big Bang Theory never referencing Paige proved that the sitcom spin-off can successfully close apparent plot holes.

Many have found it a bit odd that Young Sheldon‘s Paige was not mentioned throughout The Big Bang Theory, but the sitcom spin-off’s 100th episode proved the show could justify that kind of apparent plot. Like most spin-offs, Young Sheldon has historically struggled with plot holes. A little like The Conners had to justify Chuck’s absence after the character played a major supporting role in Roseane, Young Sheldon often has to explain why the formative figures of the main character’s childhood and adolescence were not mentioned in The Big Bang Theory.

On occasion, these plot holes can easily be excused due to the nature of Sheldon as a character. A demanding and socially awkward figure, Sheldon often does not hold interpersonal relationships in high regard and (especially in Young Sheldon) is not overly concerned with connecting with others beyond personal convenience. As such, it makes sense that The Big Bang TheorySheldon’s version either forgot a lot of his previous knowledge or never felt the need to mention it.


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However, it is not so easy to undo all the fallout The Big Bang Theorydraw holes in it, like Young SheldonThe Paige saga proves it. As soon as possible Young SheldoIn the episodes, the very existence of McKenna Grace’s character, Paige, was inherently a plot. Viewers reasonably wondered why the adult Sheldon never mentioned, let alone visited or met, his first rival and academic enemy. However, in “Solo Peanut, a Social Butterfly and the Truth” (season 5 episode 17), the revelation that Paige dropped out of college thanks to the pressure of being a child prodigy explains why Sheldon would avoid the subject and why she doesn’t. didn’t. remain his professional rival into adulthood, proving Young Sheldon can provide satisfying answers to what may seem like irreparable plot holes from The Big Bang Theory.

Young Sheldon Compounds Absence of Paige's Big Bang Theory

A little like Young Sheldon explains Sheldon’s distrust of Penny earlier in season 5 when the character was outwitted by a college colleague, Paige’s unexpected fate explains why Sheldon never mentioned her in The Big Bang Theoryy. The character, while infamously thin-skinned and competitive, was shrewd or insensitive enough not to bring up Paige, as he likely forgot about their rivalry once it was clear that Sheldon had “won”. While the events of “Solo Peanut, A Social Butterfly, and The Truth” didn’t make Sheldon a bad winner, they did explain how his feud with Paige ended.

Thus, the end of this rivalry gave Sheldon a reason to forget about Paige, just as he often let out a grudge on The Big Bang Theory once it was clear he had emerged victorious. A lot of The Big Bang Theory the storylines, from Sheldon claiming “his place” to his distrust of Penny, were rooted in his need to triumph over conflict. In fairness to Sheldon, the character never rubs his comparative success in Paige’s face (unless unwittingly, thanks to the character’s signature directness). However, his choice to continue his university studies where Young SheldonPaige naturally dropped the lawsuit explains the apparent plot of him never mentioning her throughout The Big Bang Theory.

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