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Pope Francis released a plan on Wednesday to avoid marital breakdowns. According to the proposal, the preparations will not be limited to five quick “information” sessions with the parish priest, but a personalized itinerary.

In the coming months, the Church will offer those who want to marry a “Catechumenal itinerary for married life”, which could last between one and two years.

It will be given by priests and experienced couples and will also include meetings after the marriage to help face the first difficulties.

According to the pope, the current preparation is “too superficial” and “couples run the risk of building on a base so weak that it ‘collapses’ in a short time and cannot even withstand the first crises inevitable”.

In the itinerary of the Pope’s plan, he wrote that “failures bring great suffering and leave people with deep wounds.”

He added: “They become disillusioned, embittered and, in the most painful cases, even end up no longer believing in the vocation to love.”

The pope noted that paradoxically, “the Church spends a lot of time, many years, preparing candidates for the priesthood or religious life, but spends little time, only a few weeks, on those preparing for marriage.”

Spanish outlet abc.es wrote that the new proposal “took everyone by surprise”.

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The Vatican’s divorce proposal is structured in three stages: preparation for marriage (long distance, near and immediate); the solemnization of marriage; and support for the first years of married life.

In addition, Pope Francis insisted that another document will be published soon with “concrete pastoral methods and possible itineraries of accompaniment, dedicated specifically to couples who have experienced the failure of their marriage and are living a new union”.

The document does not specify the content of the course, but offers episcopal conferences “some general principles” so that they can adapt theirs to the people concerned.

The text, prepared by the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life, aims to help couples reflect on their future and make an adult, mature and conscious decision, not based on “custom”.

It will not be limited to the presentation of religious or moral issues, but will address the reality of each couple.


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Pope Francis said in 2015 that divorce was sometimes “morally necessary”, in a departure from previous pontiffs.

In general audience at the time, he declared: “There are cases where separation is inevitable.

“Sometimes it may even be morally necessary, when it comes to protecting the weaker spouse or young children from more serious injury caused by intimidation and violence, humiliation and exploitation, neglect and indifference.”

The Church has stressed that it needs to learn how best to help these families to prevent the children from becoming “mommy or daddy’s hostages.”

In September 2016, Pope Francis approved communion for some divorced and remarried people.

In a letter to the bishops, he praised a document they had written that said priests could in certain cases offer “sacramental help” to Catholics living in “irregular family situations” as part of of a broader effort to support and integrate divorced and remarried Catholics. in the life of the church.

He said at the time: “The document is very good and completely explains the meaning of Chapter VIII of Amoris Laetitia. There are no other interpretations.

“And I’m sure it will do a lot of good.” May the Lord reward this effort of pastoral charity.

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