Porsha Williams’ cousin explains his refusal to film Porsha’s family affairs; She says she knew they wanted to ‘create a fake narrative’

I’m not so sure Porsha’s family matters works *exactly* the way Porsha Williams planned. The show, centered on Porsha, her new fiancé Simon Guobadia, and the father of her daughter Dennis McKinley, really showed a new side Porsha’s true side.

It was obvious from the jump, in my opinion, that porch was a mess. She tried to report her ex-husband for being gay after giving us incessant stories about making babies. She imagines herself to be a civil rights ‘symbol’ who somehow didn’t know what the Underground Railroad was in the current decade – then got angry Kandi Burrus tried to engage with the systemic nature of the BLM movement. Porsha has been in no less than 3 physical altercations on Real Housewives of Atlanta (with some gracious editing).

Let’s not forget to spread literal rape accusations/lies on camera. I could go on. And now she’s jumping on a super-rich ex-husband from the cast before the ink on the divorce papers is dry? Save me.

Porsha’s family matters could hardly muster enough friends and family members who actually tolerate porch from the appearance of it. Most of his buddies so far seem to have taken by Dennis McKinley side of things. Annoying. Porsha’s Cousin Terric has since explained why she refused to participate in the filming. In an Instagram story shared by the @peachreportaily Terrica wrote, “One thing I can’t stand is disrespect. I don’t care who you are…you’re not disrespecting anyone’s mother.

Sure, Terric refers to Porcha’s FOURTH physical altercation on the Bravo screen. The latest brought her to ride with Mom Gina, Dennis’ mother. Porsha threw punches, tried to get her way Simon to get back into the action, and even threw what appeared to be stationary equipment at her child’s grandmother. Terrica apologized to Mama Gina on behalf of her family.

“Many have asked my opinion on the show, so here it is,” Terric continued. “I’m glad I declined to do the show after I was asked to be on it. I don’t agree with a lot of the things that are portrayed…but what I’m thankful and thankful for, is that the world can really see who Dennis and Mom Gina are.”

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Dennis, for what it’s worth, walked away from Porsha’s family matters resembling the protagonist. He showed up to shoots and events, had vulnerable conversations with Porcha’s family and friends, and just made relatively sense throughout the series. Terric co-signed the character of Dennis saying he has inquired about her and her family almost every day since her mother (Porsha’s aunt) died. She added, “No one can say anything bad about them or disrespect them in my book.”

Terric explained that she didn’t want to be on the spin-off show because she “knew from the start that they wanted to create a fake ‘narrative’ that porch has a “village” that accepts all of his BS. The tea is hot today folks! When asked if she still talks to her cousin, Terrica revealed, “No. After not having heard of [Porsha] Where Diana since my mother died and months later I asked to do a show. Absolutely not! I am not a seat filler.

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Terric also commented on porch and At Simon’s overall relationship. She added hashtags like #whenyoucantcontrolthenarrative and #thereliesthetruth. She explained: “I don’t agree with messing around even better about being engaged to a married man that I told him my thoughts. And his response (among a few other words) “Bless you” and oh the lord blessed me.”

Here’s hoping we’re lucky enough to get even more Nightmare Fuel Porsha’s family matters coming to an end. So can porch disappear from the Bravosphere indefinitely. Amen.

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