Russell T Davies’ Best Skill Is This Modern Doctor Who Needs To Survive

Russell T Davies returns to Doctor Who and brings with him his ability for grounded melodrama and compelling character relationships.

Doctor Who dates back to 2005, as a former showrunner Russell T. Davies will return to the series and bring with him his best screenwriting skills that will allow the modern franchise to survive. The series has been in full swing since the departure of Steven Moffat in 2018; Chris Chibnall’s Race Doctor Who was generally considered a failure, although it had its fans. While Davies’ run (revival-era seasons 1-4 plus a year of specials) isn’t flawless, he excels at character writing and his return could see Doctor Who return to its more entrenched roots.

Russell T Davies is the man who brought Doctor Who back from the dead with its 2005 revival series. Its doctors, Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant (the 9th and 10th Doctors), are among the show’s most beloved. Davies’ stories often focus on the interpersonal issues that arise from the complexity of traveling with the Doctor. Rose Tyler (Bille Piper) often finds herself trying to balance her home life with being the Doctor’s companion, and David Tennant’s Doctor is considered the most human iteration of the Time Lord to date. .


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Davies’ return marks a major turning point for Doctor Who serial. His strength as a writer has always been his ability to write compelling drama and great characters, which has been missing in newer seasons. While he arguably lacks Chibnall’s sense of ambition and Moffat’s capacity for great ideas and incredible unique stories, he’s the best all-around showrunner the revival series has yet had. Many viewers take issue with the 13th Doctor’s lack of depth, which is disappointing given Jodie Whittaker’s talent as a performer and her status as Doctor Whois the first female doctor. Davies can redeem this rocky start by writing the 14th Doctor more cohesively.

The 10th Doctor watches his hand in the tardis as he begins to regenerate

Davies also has a knack for writing compelling supporting characters. The families of Rose Tyler, Martha Jones and Donna Noble all become major players in the Whoniverse throughout its run, giving the world a sense of grounded reality as the characters raise real concerns about their daughters traveling with an alien pretending to be an alien. A return to this level of melodramatic realism is long overdue, as it was never a Steven Moffat or Chris Chibnall strength. That kind of human drama will be key to helping Davies’ second run on Doctor Who come out.

Davies is also unique for creating a shared universe with Torchwood and The Adventures of Sarah Janecreating a sense of community and the largest ensemble cast ever seen in Doctor Who. Although Chibnall has already brought back Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman), Davies can create new characters with their own supporting cast to interact with the new Doctor and their companions. Davies gave the Doctor a pseudo-family for the first time since the Time War, and while there are plenty of plot points to pick up after Chibnall, establishing realistic relationships with their friends and family should to be Davies’ top priority when writing a compelling 14th Doctor.

The future is bright for Doctor Who with Davies returning to the helm of the TARDIS. It’s reassuring to know that Doctor Who will be brought back to Earth after Chibnall’s ambitious but flawed run in the series. Russell T. DaviesThe screenwriter’s best trick is his talent for good characters and grounded conflict, which is what the show needs to survive.

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