Seth MacFarlane Could See This Person In FOX’s The Masked Singer


Earlier this month, FOX The Masked Singer made the kind of headlines we’re not sure we want to make until its seventh season. It was then that reports surfaced that judges Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke walked off the stage in protest during tapings when donald trump spokesperson, denier of the 2020 elections and speaker at the January 6 insurrectionary rally Rudy Giulani was unmasked as a contestant (along with other judges Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger remaining on stage to interact with Giuliani). Someone who wasn’t surprised by all this mess? family guy & The Orville Creator Seth McFarlanewho tweeted his lack of surprise at what he saw as a ratings ploy and another example of Rupert Murdoch blurring the line between FOX “News” and the entertainment company. But as the world continues to brace for the global fallout from Russia’s attempted invasion of Ukraine, and FOX “News” commentators offer their support and praise to Vladimir PoutineMacFarlane can’t help but wonder when Murdoch will try to take advantage of a bad situation again.

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Here’s a glimpse of MacFarlane asking the question that might have been just a joke ten years ago. Today? Good…

Here’s a throwback to MacFarlane’s retweet of the original report as well as his understandable lack of surprise about the Giuliani case earlier this month:

As MacFarlane continues to make the most of his exclusive $200 million deal with NBCUniversal that he signed in 2020 with a diverse slate of projects in various stages of development as well as his work on Hulu’s The Orville culminating with a third season premiering this summer, he’s not shy about expressing his disgust at having family guy still associated with the name FOX. MacFarlane took to Twitter in August 2021 to make it clear he was ready to serve FOX divorce papers on behalf of Peter Griffin and family. “Tucker Carlson’s latest op-ed has me wishing ‘Family Guy’ was on any other network yet again. Listen, Fox, we both know this marriage isn’t working anymore. Sex isn’t working anymore. is that once a year I don’t get along with your mom, well…I had an affair with NBC,” MacFarlane wrote in a tweet:

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In September, MacFarlane again took to Twitter to ask why an animated character like family guyPeter Griffin is held to a different standard than the actual cartoon character who speaks to millions of people every day of the week.

In December, MacFarlane took to Twitter to again call out FOX Corp. for its choice to overlook the lies while peddling far too much fake outrage about an animated character’s smoking habits. “Darkly hilarious that Fox Corp. has no problem with Lara Logan calling Anthony Fauci ‘Josef Mengele’ or Tucker Carlson regularly casting doubts on life-saving vaccines and certified valid elections, but ‘please delete Peter Griffin action inhaling a cigarette on stage 23,” MacFarlane wrote in his tweet:

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