The Arabic word for paper can be neat or misleading

Meaning paper or sheet, waraq, our Arabic word of the week, is used in contexts ranging from the natural world to the commercial, from a typing center to a tarneeb table.

Waraq naqdi is money. Waraq carbon is carbon paper. Waraq damgha is a stamp and waraq illiib is a playing card.

Hibr ala waraq is an idiom that literally translates to ink on paper, and which implies that even if a decision was made on paper, it is just ink and means nothing until some action is taken. be taken.

Awraq is plural waraq. Awraq al kitab are the pages of a book. Awraq al shajar, the leaves of a tree. Awraq al daftar, pages of a notebook. Awraq al ware, rose petals.

Awraq can also mean documents. Awraq al masrifiye are bank documents. Awraq tijariya refers to business documents or licenses. Awraq itimad are credentials. Awraq al jarida are the pages of a diary.

Kashafa awraqahu/awraqahu can be said of a person who reveals his true intentions.

Aada tarteeb awraqahu/awraqaha can be said of a person who puts his financial or professional plans in order.

Alwaraqa al akhira refers to a person’s last game in a deck of cards and can be used as a broader metaphor for someone’s last stand.

Waraqat altalaa are divorce papers. Waraqa baidaa is an empty page, which can also be used to describe a pure-hearted person, although a bit naive.

As a verb, warraqa animates the word waraq. Warraqet alshajarah means a tree has sprouted leaves. Warraqet alajeeneh means the paste has been melted in thin layers.

Updated: April 01, 2022, 6:02 p.m.

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