The most jaw-dropping moments from the latest episodes of the series

After seven years and six seasons, You better call Saul has finally come to an end. The breaking Bad The prequel/sequel had a huge legacy to overcome, and yet when the final episodes aired, fans were sure the show had toppled its predecessor. It finally presented a satisfying ending for the stories of Jimmy, Kim, Mike, and others.

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The second half of Season 6, which began airing in July, featured some of the most shocking moments between the two shows. There weren’t as many bullets fired as the ends of breaking Bad Where The Caminobut You better call Saul always amazed fans with its emotional resonance. These the moments are the best of the latest batch of episodes.


ten Gus vs. Lalo

The last episode of the first half of season 6 ended with quite a cliffhanger. Lalo Salamanca invaded Jimmy and Kim’s house, killing Howard Hamlin, so he could talk to his lawyers in private. When episode 8, “Point and Shoot”, started, Lalo’s plan to get revenge on Gus unfolded with their help, and for a while everything went according to plan.

Lalo eventually had Gus held at gunpoint at the construction site of Walter White’s future superlab. However, after a twisted knife monologue where Gus insults both the Salamancas and Don Eladio, he cuts the power and kills Lalo with a hidden weapon. Sadly, his confirmed death still isn’t enough to rid Saul Goodman of his fear of Lalo.

9 Kim leaves the game

The aftermath of Howard’s death leaves Kim with a shell of the woman she once was. Jimmy tries to encourage her to move on, but everything changes when they attend Howard’s wake. Kim sadly lies to Howard’s widow, Cheryl, continuing their ruse that Howard killed himself after sinking deeper into a cocaine addiction.

It doesn’t take long before Kim resigns from the New Mexico State Bar, angering Jimmy. Once Jimmy sees Kim packing her things, he realizes there is a worse outcome than Kim leaving the law: Kim leaving their relationship. After Kim breaks up with Jimmy through tears, the episode quickly cuts back to Jimmy fully immersed in the Saul Goodman persona.

8 Francesca’s call with Gene

The four episodes following Jimmy and Kim’s breakup take place mostly in the post-breaking Bad chronology. After the seemingly standalone episode “Nippy,” Jimmy (now Cinnabon’s manager Gene) follows up with a Season 4 cold open, where he asked Francesca to take a paid phone call from him at a specified date.

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Over the phone, Francesca informs Gene of the state of Albuquerque after the fall of Walt’s empire. Huell, Kuby and Danny (Mark Proksch’s character from the first seasons of Saul) are scattered, Saul’s belongings have been seized, and the police are still looking for him and Jesse. The only good news: Kim called Francesca to ask about her.

seven Saul’s role in the creation of Walter White

Fortunately, the authors of You better call Saul kept their promise to overlap with the events of breaking Bad. The 11th episode of the season, aptly titled “Breaking Bad”, features flashbacks to Saul’s introduction to Walt and Jesse, acknowledging their potential. A meeting with Mike deters this when Saul discovers Walt is dying and Jesse is a junkie.

However, Saul Goodman is not as quick to take Mike’s advice as Jimmy McGill. As we know from breaking Bad, Saul entered Walt’s class to offer his services and transform him from Fredo into Vito Corleone. Here, You better call Saul re-contextualize breaking Bad as Saul does, connecting Walt to Gus Fring and driving him to crave power.

6 Kim says it all

Kim finally reappears in the 12th episode, “Waterworks”, after spending the breaking Bad years in Florida. Her stasis is interrupted by an unexpected call from Gene, whom she tells to surrender, prompting him to lash out and encourage her to do the same. What Gene probably doesn’t expect is Kim to do just that.

After flying to Albuquerque, Kim files an affidavit with the district attorney confessing to her involvement in Howard’s murder. Additionally, she brings the affidavit to Howard’s widow to clear her conscience, opening herself up to a civil suit. As she gets back on a bus from the airport, Kim collapses under the weight of everything that has happened to her, crying in public.

5 Kim shares a smoke

“Waterworks” features another surprising moment for Kim Wexler. In a flashback just before breaking Bad began, Kim visits Saul in his iconic office to get him to sign some divorce papers. To Kim’s disappointment, Saul’s treatment of her is cold and listless, and when she steps out, she lights a cigarette while watching it rain in Albuquerque.

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She quickly discovers that she is not alone here. She is approached by Jesse Pinkman of all people, asking for a cigarette. As they smoke together, Jesse recognizes her as his friend Combo’s former lawyer. He picks his brains out about this Saul Goodman guy, and how good he is, only for Kim to vaguely reply that he was, when she knew him.

4 Marion makes a call

The final episodes of Season 6 also feature the legendary Carol Burnett as Marion, an old lady whom Gene befriends. However, she is only a way to end him, as Marion is the mother of Jeff, the taxi driver whom Gene lures into a life of crime. Soon, Gene’s Saul Goodman schemes get Jeff in trouble with the police.

To Gene’s surprise, Marion is smarter than he thinks. When he calls Marion to report Jeff’s imprisonment, she senses something fishy and goes to Ask Jeeves for answers. She discovers old Saul Goodman advertisements on YouTube, and when Gene threatens her, she activates her Life Alert to report that she has found Saul Goodman.

3 Saul won’t go down without a fight

The end of You better call Saul includes many twists and turns for our titular ex-lawyer. After Gene’s arrest, he hires his old rival Bill Oakley to defend him. Saul faces a life sentence plus 190 years in prison for his numerous crimes with Walter White, but he manages to reduce them to 7 years by playing the victim.

Saul does all of this in the face of the true victims of Walter’s actions. To the surprise of many breaking Bad fans, Marie Schrader returns to viciously tell Saul that he deserves more than he will ever get. The only thorn in Saul’s side comes when he tries to provide the police with information about Howard’s murder, only to find that Kim beat him to it.

2 The return of Jimmy McGill

When Saul walks into the courtroom to face his sentencing, his head is held high. That is, until he sees Kim in there, waiting to see his new scheme screw her up. To the surprise of the judge and lawyers, Saul instead offers them a different story: he’s responsible for making Walter White what he was, admitting everything, and losing his generous deal.

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However, Saul isn’t done with just admitting his true crimes. Seeing Kim staring at him, Saul admits his involvement in Howard’s death, forgives Kim for leaving him after that, and admits to sabotaging Chuck’s malpractice insurance, which led to his suicide. When the judge tells Goodman to sit down, he insists, “My name is McGill. I am James McGill.

1 What would you do with a time machine?

The finale features several flashbacks throughout Jimmy/Saul’s journey. The first comes following the events of the Season 5 episode “Bagman”, where he asks Mike Ehrmantraut what he would do with a time machine. Mike chooses to go back to the day he accepted his first bribe, while Jimmy says harshly that he would be one of Warren Buffett’s first investors.

Later, a flashback to the breaking Bad the episode “Granite State” finds Saul with Walter White in the basement of the vacuum repair shop. Saul asks Walt the same question, which they both dodge with insincere answers. A final flashback finds Jimmy visiting Chuck before the pilot of Saulwith Chuck’s copy of H. G. Wells’ “The Time Machine” indicating that among Jimmy’s true regrets is his refusal to hook up with Chuck.

You better call Saul can be streamed on Netflix.

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