This 20-year-old created ‘The Safety Pouch’ – a briefcase designed to help prevent violent traffic stops for black drivers

Black drivers are on point 20% more likely be stopped in traffic by the police than white drivers.

In addition, once arrested, black drivers are searched 1.5 to 2 times more than white drivers, although they were found to be less likely to carry drugs or weapons compared to their white counterparts.

David Price’s parents have had difficult conversations with him about these hard truths since he was a child.

“My mom and dad always made it very clear that as a young black man, I have to be very careful in this world,” Price said. “I’ve always been aware of that.”

Price said that became even more apparent after he got his driver’s license and his first car just a few years ago, when he was 16. Although it was supposed to be an exciting time, it was dampened by the deluge of news showing black men and women being killed by police officers, especially at traffic stops.

“Before my parents gave me the keys to my car, they sat down and had ‘the talk’ with me,” he said. “And during that conversation, I kept thinking that there had to be products that help facilitate safer interactions between drivers and law enforcement.”

After realizing there was nothing on the market, Price came up with the idea of ​​creating his own. So the idea of Security pouch came about. A simple yet powerful concept, the pouch was to serve as a holder for important documents located on drivers’ sun visors, preventing them from ducking into their vehicle, a move that prompted police officers to pull out their weapons during traffic checks.

Over the years, he continued his education, graduating from high school and enrolling as a major in political science at Loyola University in New Orleans, all with the idea of Security pouch deep in his mind.

It wasn’t until he was mistakenly booked into business class that he decided to make this concept a reality. With the help of his professor, Price was able to bring the product to market in May 2020, a launch that couldn’t have been better timed. “Originally, the state’s plan is possible to launch in the winter,” Price said. “But we released in the spring of 2020, around the same time Ahmaud Arbery was killed by police. And I just thought, ‘Jesus…racial tensions are so high.’ This product is exactly what people need right now.

It was a wise decision. A month after launch, George Floyd was killed in June. “I knew it was fortuitous that the product came out when it was because we needed to help facilitate safer interactions for both parties.”

In less than two years, the Safety Pouch is a top seller on Amazon and recently launched in 400 Walmart stores nationwide.

“It’s an amazing achievement because my goal has always been to help keep people safe by making the security pouch as accessible as possible, but also making it kind of like a statement piece. Because even though I see it as a short-term solution, we need real policy change and legislation to tackle police brutality at traffic stops – brutality in general. We need change. The security pocket , I hope, can help inspire that.

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