Ushering in the new era of divorce

Innovative legal technology developed by lawyers is changing the divorce landscape in Malaysia while supporting the Malaysian government’s goal to increase the uptake and use of technology in as many industries as possible.

Launched in early July, Klik Divorce is the country’s first digital divorce platform and was created with the main purpose of facilitating the journey of those seeking legal avenues for marriage dissolution.

It was developed by lawyers Dato Fion Wong and Dato Chris Chin, both strong advocates for the adoption of technology in the Malaysian legal industry and also the founders of the first Malaysian paralegal Askaila, which was launched in the year last.

Founder of Klik Divorce, lawyers Dato Fion Wong and Dato Chris Chin

Through Klik Divorce, users can create conditions for divorce i.e. spousal maintenance, child custody, maintenance and visitation rights, as well as division of marital property. With just one click, the divorce papers are immediately generated to be printed and signed. If the divorcing couple mutually agrees on the terms, the whole process only takes about 5 minutes. The law firm can then review the documents and prepare them for filing in court the next business day.

Meanwhile, those who are having difficulty or need help facilitating settlement agreements can engage the services of an attorney; online or in person.

That, in a nutshell, is divorce in the digital age.

Klik Divorce offers two key benefits amid the difficulties of a divorce proceeding, namely time and cost savings.

“Many people are unable to afford divorce legal fees, especially with the current rising cost of living. Moreover, it can take between 6 and 12 months for the terms to be discussed before the divorce is filed in court,” says Dato Fion.

“Adopting legal technology to perform simple manual tasks can save a lot of time and reduce costs, making legal fees affordable for more people. It also allows lawyers to spend more time and efforts in developing the law.

Klik Divorce is particularly beneficial for uncontested divorce cases. Not only does this make the process faster and smoother, but it also leads to faster settlements, freeing up judicial workload and court time. As the first online legal service in Malaysia, it is also setting an example and paving the way for more digitized services.

Dato Fion said that despite the encouraging and positive feedback from users, unfortunately there are lawyers who continue to openly resist the adoption of this platform.

“Nevertheless, despite the hurdles ahead, we are determined to lead the Malaysian legal industry towards the adoption of technology to deliver efficiency and value to the public. We are also confident that in the near future Malaysia’s legal industry will be able to catch up and compete with other nations whose legal technologies are already ahead of us,” Dato Chris added.

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