Which planet rules Cancer? An astrologer explains the influence of the moon

In astrology, each sign of the zodiac is ruled by a planet which gives it its characteristic traits. In the case of the wildly intuitive and empathetic Crab, Cancer’s ruling “planet” is not only responsible for pulling the ocean tides, but also to give the sensitive water sign the emotional and lively flair gut feeling they are blessed with. Yes, Cancer is ruled by the moon, one of two zodiac signs whose rulers are technically luminaries, not planets. (The other is Leo, which is ruled by the sun.)

Astrologer Laurence Ash explains that in astrology, the moon symbolizes the subconscious, emotions and intuition. “In a birth chart, your moon sign will show you how you express your emotions, how you nurture others, and can even symbolize the mother and the relationship between a mother and her child.” When you look at the moon in relation to its transits and how it affects the collective as a whole, it represents the conflict between emotions versus our ego and logic according to Ash. This is why cancers are known for their psychic abilities and a talent for picking up emotional cues.

Even if you’re not Cancer, learning more about the planetary ruler of the water sign is a great way to piece together the rest of your birth chart. and be in tune with your emotional side. Keep reading to learn more about the planetary ruler of Cancer.

Everything about the Moon, the ruling planet of Cancer

The moon is the only celestial body other than Earth that humans have visited, so our knowledge is quite extensive. ancient people used the moon as a calendar and a means of telling the time. His changing face helped mark seasonal cycles, too. Many ancient cultures associated the moon with feminine energy: For the Incas of South America, the luminary was personified by a goddess named Mom Quillawhich helped regulate menstrual cycles.

“In astrology, the moon symbolizes the mother and the relationship between a mother and her child,” says Ash, who shows why Cancers are often seen as maternal and compassionate.

The influence of the moon on cancer

Since the moon is about the subconscious workings of the self, Cancer zodiac signs are naturally intuitive and in touch with their own feelings as well as those of others. Cancers are naturally able to follow the emotional spectrum without overanalyzing their feelings or completely pushing them away. They also have an innate ability to build trust in relationships.

“The moon strongly influences your interpersonal relationships, as well as how you intuitively view the world around you,” Ash explains. Cancers rely on their feelings and instincts to make decisions and prefer to sit on their feelings and listen with compassion rather than explain them with logic.

Their ruling planet also lends the water sign its ability to easily tap into their gut feelings. Indeed, the luminary symbolizes intuition, allowing Cancers to trust their instincts without thinking twice. Their sixth sense puts them in a constant state of self-awareness.

If you have a Cancer moon in your birth chart, Ash explains that you are deeply connected to your inner self. “Having a natal moon in Cancer heightens your emotional sensitivity and intuition more than others,” Ash says. A Cancer’s responsiveness gives others a kind of motherly comfort they can trust.

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